What Are Cannabinoids and How Are They Used?

Certain chemicals, when harnessed effectively, can be extremely helpful to one’s mental and physical health. This includes but is not limited to cannabinoids, or chemicals extracted from cannabis such as THC and CBD (among many others). These extracts have been proven to improve a number of bodily issues after use.

Cannabinoids can be processed a variety of ways, including but not limited to smoking, ingesting, pill form and CBD E-Juice, and thus it is largely accessible to people who prefer or require medicine to be ingested a particular way. It can be swallowed via pill, vaporized (or “vaped”) with oil and a vaporizer, and much more.

So, we know that it has become more accessible, but for what reasons are cannabinoids actually used?

Physical Pain 

The properties of CBD, THC, CBN and more all contribute to alleviating physical pain in the body. They dull the effects within nerve cells and put the individual in a somewhat altered state where they do not suffer from the acute feelings that pain can produce. It is an improvement that occurs instantly and can last for hours.

This can be incredibly helpful for people with chronic physical pain. Chronic pain is often a big problem for those who are recovering from surgeries or have other personal circumstances that result in it. These cannabinoids have been said by many users to be a harmless option for reducing the occurrence and level of pain found in physical discomfort, especially when compared to the more damaging and addictive effects of pharmaceuticals and narcotics.

It is, for many, a short-term solution that is effective and does not provide long term complications.


CBD and CBG are big contributors to reducing anxiety in the individuals who ingest it, a fact that many individuals who experience this personally can attest to. Cannabinoids are able to stabilize many mood and behavioral disorders in general, but specifically the anxiety relief it provides has definitely been a highly regarded aspect of its abilities.

Similarly, cannabinoids can help people sleep better, focus better, feel less stressed, and experience many other positive effects from the natural components of CBD, CBG, and more.

Anxiety and general mood conditions are some of the most obviously improved aspects of somebody’s lives when experiencing cannabinoid use. Not only are many of these obstacles aided during the use itself, but sometimes even after the initial cannabinoid use, individuals feel a long term improvement with their behavior and emotions. 

Neurological Health 

Studies have shown that cannabinoids also have a profound impact on people’s neurology, being able to improve conditions such as epilepsy, Tourette’s, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS to name a few. This is where cannabinoids get even more impressive, and many cannabis advocates argue for their widespread medical use because of how life-altering the medicinal properties could be.

Neurology is not only a severely important aspect of health, but often one with little to no long-term solutions that the medical field can fully rely on. For cannabinoids to be a possible fix for hindering neurological conditions, it could change the face of science and medicine as we know them.

Final Considerations

Cannabinoids are a natural element of the earth that have a lot of health benefits despite their societal taboo. They improve many physiological aspects, including the ones mentioned here and more, that greatly justify their use for the well-being of others.

Regardless of their effect on the human body, cannabinoids in their many forms are still not legal everywhere. So, while many cannabinoids have been legalized, depending on your location, be sure to do the required research before trying to attain these various types of medicinal substances.

If you do have a prescription and/or legal access to cannabinoids and are considering their positive effects, talk to your doctor and see if they could be right for you. If you know they are, then know your many options in processing them.

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Neha Kava

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Neha Kava is a National Certified Registered Dietitian in India. She likes to share her knowledge about daily health, nutritition and diet tips. You can contact her on [email protected]

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