Symptoms of Dengue Fever and Diagnosis

Symptoms of Dengue Fever and Diagnosis

What is the dengue fever? It is a disease commonly caused due to the transmission of the virus aedes aegypti. This is a mosquito, which transmit the infection from one’s body to the other human body. When a person suffers from this dengue fever then, the pain occurs in the muscles and the bones. So, it is also known as the break bone disease. This condition is dangerous because it cause their ill effects in the body as earlier as it can. So, the cure of the disease is essential. So lets learn more about symptoms of dengue fever.

Most of the people who are suffer from this disease are not used the proper prescription. The reason behind the ignorance of the medical treatment is their symptom. Yes, of course!!! People cannot recognize this disease in their first effect. It is because; the muscle pain is a common symptom, which can be occur due to hard work. Common symptoms are given as under:

  • Pain arises in the muscles.
  • Pain occurs in the bones.
  • Headache for the long time.
  • Fatigue every time.
  • Lower the water percentage in the body.
  • Vomiting and coughing is also the other symptom of the dengue fever.

Symptoms of Dengue Fever 

Where this disease found? Dengue fever is found in the places where the mosquitoes found. Commonly in the tropical and the sub tropical regions, people are widely affected by it. you are astonish to know that over 2.5 billion people suffer from this disease in the endemic countries, which is found near the equator. Their government is also proposed the various programs to aware people from the dengue fever. Several organizations also try hard to cure this disease and promote their symptom and diagnosis among the people.

It is contracted by the mosquito. When a mosquito bites a person then, the virus from the saliva of the mosquito goes in to the skin of the people. As the blood cells reproduce inside the body then, virus is also replicate with it. People initially suffer from the regular fever, pain in the different parts in the body. the human immune system of the body is also fighting with the disease. But if the virus is not stopped to spread then, these viruses attack the liver and the other body parts.

Treatment of the dengue fever

The treatment depends on the symptoms of dengue fever sufferer. Oral rehydration is a therapy is useful for the dengue fever because body can be damage due to the excessive dehydration. Fluid loss is the other common problem occurs in this disease. Make use of the proper medication is essential to cure it. Use of the acetaminophen is beneficial when a person is suffering from the high fever. There is numerous mosquito repellent is available in the market, which prevents your body from the mosquitoes. They are responsible for the reduction of the risk of the dengue fever. You must consult to the medical consultant if you feel any such problem or suffer from such symptoms.  Cure the disease as earlier as you can. So have fruit juices and ample water to get rid of dehydration.

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