Stay Away From This Food Before Going To Bed

Stay Away From This Food Before Going To Bed

Do you know what you eat can affect the way we sleep? That is the truth and this means you must be careful not to make mistake.

Choosing the wrong food or drink will subtract precious hours of sleep and this can give you insomnia. Research has already proved that getting quality sleep is essential for good health.

So if you’re tired of sleepless nights my article here gives you a chance to fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

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So reclaim your eight hours of sleep by staying away from these foods and drinks before bedtime.

  • Avoid alcohol

One misconception about alcohol that many people get it wrong is that alcohol can bring on sleep. But if you have ever tried taking alcohol close to bedtime, then you know it just doesn’t work.

At first, you will feel quite drowsy and you may sleep a bit faster. However, the quality of your sleep deteriorates gradually because alcohol reverses its soporific effects faster.

It jumbles your circadian rhythm as a result, you might keep waking up throughout the night and this robs you the valuable REM rest.

At times, you might be lucky to sleep right through but not as deeply as required. Nevertheless, the quality of sleep you get is not ideal.

  • Protein-rich foods

Eating food high in proteins in one sitting can be disastrous. For instance, eating a lot of bacon causes you digestive upset because they are hard to digest. That is not all; they contain high levels of amino acid tyrosine, which promotes brain activity until digestion is finished. This means you will remain awake for a couple of hours you needed to be asleep thus interrupting your sleep cycle.

  • Processed cereals

It is a fact that cereals make the quickest and easiest snack. Nonetheless, some store-bought cereals are often coated with sugars and syrups.  These coatings increase your blood glucose level this gives you energy required for a strenuous activity, not for bedtime. Because of this, you will be unable to sleep right away.

  • Caffeine-rich drinks

Coffee, tea, and chocolate are popular drinks many people use to end the day. But you will agree with me they are not great stuff especially if you are trying to maintain your sleep cycle. These products have a significant level of caffeine.

A study has found that caffeine as little as 30 milligrams may result in a sleepless night. Caffeine increases your pulse rate and brain activity keeping you more alert. The increased alertness keeps you staved off sleep for more than recommended.

To sleep your night through, keep off any drink that contains caffeine since your body requires up to 5 years to get itself rid of caffeine.

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  • Fried foods

Nothing fried is good before bedtime because the high-fat content of fried foods is not easy to digest. This digestion upset prevents you from lying comfortably, in turn; you’ll be unable to fall asleep.

  • Spicy foods

This is not good news for spicy lovers. But it is good to know that spices may wreck your sleep pattern. Evidence has shown that the spices do not interrupt sleep but they induce indigestion and reflux. The spices will cause heartburn and this is what interrupts your sleep.

  • Salty foods

Lastly, eating foods with too much salt is not only unhealthy but may also cause havoc to your sleep cycle. Too much salt dehydrates your body and makes you feel thirsty. Due to this, you might end up waking up to drink some water something that disrupts your sleep.

If you cannot get water, your body will try to get water from other body natural fluids this will leave you feeling tired and weak in the morning.

That aside, some foods have chemicals and muscle relaxing properties that may help you to fall asleep and still ensure its quality. These include bananas, sweet potatoes, cherries, and milk among others


It can be difficult to control what you eat especially if you’re socializing in the evening, however, taking alcohol, food high in proteins, fats, caffeine, spices, processed sugars can put you in the risk of a long night. Since there are other foods that can bring on sleep and maintain its quality, it is important to mind your diet if you want to get a deep and replenishing slumber. Take a look at this website for more information about sleep –

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