13 Best Pregnancy tips for normal delivery

There comes a stage in a woman’s life when she has some good news to share with family and friends. Pregnancy !!! So let’s see unknown 13 pregnancy tips for normal delivery.

prenent women diet tips

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Yes it is. She is going to be a mother soon, … And she is at the helm of changes and may expect herself to be treated just the way she wants.

The would-be mommy’s needs and expectations are bound to change with changes in her physique and psyche.  So what Food and Diet tips are for healthy pregnancy?

Some may want to fulfill their inner soul cravings. While others may feel the need to be pampered. Whatever be it, she definitely yearns for a healthy little one, the most.

Unequaled love for her unborn is what every pregnant female develops.

This situation leads to nutrition gripping the better of her attention. She wants to become extra cautious about what she should eat in order to nourish the fetus and thus give birth to a healthy baby.

Diet tips for pregnancy and normal delivery:

  1. Eat frequent and small meals averaging 5-6 times throughout the day.
  2. Include a wholesome balanced meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  3. Include atleast 2-3 servings of green leafy vegetables in a week like bathua, spinach, shepu, amaranth, drumstick leaves, radish leaves, fenugreek leaves, mustard greens, kale, lettuce, watercress, parsley etc.
  4. Eat atleast 1-2 seasonal fruits in a day.
  5. Include milk and milk products in your routine.
  6. Include atleast 2 servings of either dal, sprout, pulse or legumes.
  7. Keep yourself well hydrated – buttermilk, solkadhi, green tea, coconut water, fresh seasonal fruit juices, lime juice, soups, dals, barley water, porridges, etc. Drink atleast 2.5 to 3 litres of water/fluids on daily basis.
  8. Prescribed supplements like folic acid, iron and calcium are an absolute necessity. Incase you are recommended other supplements like iron omega 3, protein, etc continue that as per the doctors advice.
  9. Avoid being home bound. Sun exposure is very important for getting Vitamin D specially for vegans.
  10. To be on the safe side, during the first trimester (3 months) avoid foods like papaya (raw or ripe), soft cheese (brie, camembert and blue veined varieties), unpastuerised milk products, raw or half cooked egg, raw shellfishes, alcohol, excess consumption of coffee, till seeds, dates, pineapple, non-veg, heaty foods and spices. Pregnant females need to stay off any known food allergen.
  11. Avoid foods that increase acidity (incase you are prone to it) sour curd, tomato, khatta-meetha chutney, fried foods, spices, etc.
  12. To avoid morning sickness eat a biscuit or cracker first thing in the morning, even without brushing your teeth.
  13. Avoid getting constipated, specially in the last trimester. Avoid refined foods like maida and maida products like bread, noodles, etc . Include fibre rich foods like whole grain cereals, greens, salads, bran, nuts and oilseeds, sabja seeds and isabgol. And drink lots and lots of water.

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No need to double up the quantity of food intake. Rather just focus on the quality of food consumed alongwith laying an emphasis on variety.

Mindfulness should be practiced while eating. Eat your food with your sole attention on it. See, smell, taste and chew the food well.

Above all a joyful heart is the best nourishment. Cheers !!! KD…

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46 Responses to 13 Best Pregnancy tips for normal delivery

  1. Saby says:

    Hi, i heard having sabja is unsafe during pregnancy…im 13 weeks pregnant…if its safe then how much should i take.
    Thanks for your time

    • Neha Kava says:

      What is the reason you want to take sabja?
      And it is safe during pregnancy.

      • Saby says:

        I suffer from acidity and whilst i hadn’t concieved, my dietician recommended me to have sabja and and it did help, thats why i want to have it…could you be kind enough to mention the recomended amount to be taken…thank you

  2. Tulika PS says:

    Great post! But I have a question.. can I have medjool dates and white sesame seeds in my first trimester and for the rest of my pregnancy? If not, why? If yes, in what quantity? Thanks in advance.

    • Neha Kava says:


      There are no researches which says not to have dates and sesame seeds.
      But traditionally in India they consider these foods as causing heat in body and hence is asked to avoid in regular diet.
      Still 2 dates and 1 tsp of sesame seeds should not be a problem.


  3. Reshma rao says:

    Can I consume sabja (takmaria)seeds in early pregnancy for cooling effect…as my body is of heat…and how much should I consume daily ? Pls do reply …thank you

  4. swati says:


    i m three months pregnant. is makki ki roti is safe to have with butter

  5. Dipika says:

    Hi….I am 30 weeks pregnant. I have started taking 1 methi laddu a day, I want to know whether it is safe or not…..

  6. Soni says:

    Is it safe to take methi laddoo during 5th month of pregnancy?
    What to eat in last trims ter for normal delivery?

  7. Soni says:

    Is it safe to take methi laddoo during 5th month?

  8. Suhasini T says:

    Hi, I m 40th week pregnant now. How to get the labour pain.

  9. Nitu says:

    When to start taking Methi Laddu? I am 32 weeks?

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Nitu,
      you can start it post delivery

      • dipak says:

        my wife is 34 week pregnant
        whats the best time to start eating methi laddu?
        trying on internet but bit confused when to start because some saying about miscarriage as well
        so plz share thanks

  10. Sawthi says:

    Ha I’am 3month pregnant yesterday drink sabja watar is it safe

  11. nirpana says:

    I had a normal delivery for my first son … after 2 yes I got a anal fistula… is there any natural remedies for this problem… also I am pregnant now… 9 weeks… very eager to have a normal delivery… please reply.. thanks in advance

  12. Parul Langoo says:

    My mom is giving me tukmari seeds with milk first thing in morning. I am in 26 weeks of pregnancy. Is it safe to consume?

    • admin says:

      Hello Praul,
      Your mom must be giving you halim seeds or gardencress seeds (rust brown). Basil seeds is falooda seeds (black).

      It is given after 8 months to induce labor. No research proves this. But its a traditional practice.

      Dt. Neha Kava

  13. Parul Langoo says:


    My mom is giving me tumhari seeds with milk first thing in morning. I am in 26 weeks of pregnancy. Is it safe to have it.

  14. Pratima Rai says:

    My daughter has completed 37 weeks, and we r waiting fr labour pain fr normal delivery..Her liquor in one pocket is slightly less..
    Hoping fr normal pain…
    U said halim ( gardencress) is good fr uterine contraction ….Can I give that ..
    Where is it available .Plzsnswer as soon as possible as after two days we might have to take a call on induced labour or c section

    Where can I get halim..Gardencress seeds .Any othr name fr it ..Is it available at grocery store

  15. Harpreet Kaur says:

    I am 39 week 4days pregnant. I just wondering about methi paddy, is it safe for induction naturally?

    • Harpreet Kaur says:

      Sorry methi laddu ..fengreek seed laddu

    • Neha Kava says:

      Yes Harpreet,
      Also better than Methi seeds will be Halim (gardencress seeds) . It induces contraction of uterine muscles.

      All the Best for your Delivery and Motherhood.
      May God bless the baby and mother with good health

  16. shafali says:

    wanted to know actually i m four months pregnant and taking sabja seeds with water is it ok

  17. Rizza says:

    Hi, I am 9 days delayed. Been trying to get pregnant. Last night I ate watercress. I haven’t confirmed if I am pregnant or not yet but I feel I am. I am afraid that watercress according to my readings has an abortive effect. What should I do?

  18. Kate says:

    Maintaining a balanced healthy diet is so hard during pregnancy, especially with morning sickness. Thanks for the tips!

  19. Nithya says:

    I think am pregnant,38 days after my period which usually comes on 30th day..not tested yet.is it safe to eat fenugreek leaves now?

  20. Gayatri says:

    As you have suggested to take sabja or tukmaria seeds during last trimester.
    Is it ok to take sabja seeds or tukmaria seeds also during the 1st trimester.

  21. Sabrina says:

    Hi ma’am,
    I ate mustard greens (sarson ka saag) saag sabzi, is it safe to eat during pregnancy? Because in babycentre they mentioned it cause miscarriage.

  22. Bhagyashree says:

    Hi doctor,
    I am 5 months months pregnant and Today i eat drumsticks lief sabji..is it safe during this period.

  23. tejashwini says:

    Hi madam
    I’m tejashwini
    please help me sabja seeds helps cool the body I eaten last 4 months I’m now 3 months pregnant pls help me it is useful or not..??

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Tejashwini,
      Sabja seeds give cooling effect to body. You can continue eating if you want. There is no such extra benefits to be taken during pregnancy.


  24. Shanthi Ravichandran says:

    Hi iam pregnant 3rd month started i took fenugreek seeds with curd it will affect my fetus

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Shanthi,

      Fenugreek seeds induces some contractions in uterus. So it’s better to avoid. You are taking this for what reason?


  25. Thiru says:

    Hi Doctor,

    My wife had vetiver juice a little in 3rd semester without knowing the side effort. Will there be any major problem? can you please help us any precaution

  26. satya says:

    please explain nutrition for getting pregnancy to tubal block, pcog ladies

  27. Pramila bhabal says:

    Very essential information special frist child God bless you. .!!

  28. Peter Walker says:

    It’s very useful tips. My wife is pregnant and we really care about healthy food and nutrition. I will take note your advice. Thank you.

  29. SACHIN M. THAKAR says:

    great article….keep it up…

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