How to cure Typhoid fever?

How to cure Typhoid fever?

Typhosa is the bacteria, which is responsible for the hazardous diseases typhoid. This disease is transmitting from the contaminated food and contaminated water. Most of the people that are suffering from the typhoid are not getting the right cure. People suffer because of the lack of proper knowledge. When people touch the contaminated items and eat food with their dirty hands then, the chances of this disease is increases. So, people should avoid the contaminated food. The typhoid germs injected in to the water when people drink contaminated water. For example, the railway platform is the common platform where most of the people use the contaminated products.

symptoms of typhoid fever
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Care your health

Some of the people get thirsty during travelling, and they drink water from the tanks, streams and pools. If you have to use this water then, it is good to boil water before drinking.  Even drinking from the public cup I also not safe. That is the reason that medical professionals always tell about to eat after wash the hands. There is no matter of the age. Any child, younger or older can be suffered from this disease. This typhoid is spread by the flies. Flies fly from one place to the other contaminated place, which transmit the germs.

What are the symptoms of the typhoid?

Fever is the common symptom of the typhoid disease. There are too many symptoms in the body arise, which are given below:

  • Chilliness and the nose bleed: People suffer from the chilliness and also the bleeding can be started from the nose.
  • Headache and backache: pain in the head part and in the back part arises commonly. Sometimes, pain arises in the bones and the muscles.
  • Diarrhea: lose motion is the other symptom, which can easily damage the strength of the body.
  • Fever: when people hear about the fever they believe that it is a regular fever. But it’s not. Fever gradually increases day by day.

Diagnosis of the typhoid disease

In the typhoid disease, fever can be increases up to the 104 F. when the temperature of the body is increases gradually then, the pulse rate is decreased. To cure the typhoid disease, it can take time from several weeks to a month. Each and every disease can be cured, but there is the need to know about the particular disease. It is because; their symptoms are common like the other disease. By the use of the proper diagnosis, it is easy to cure even medical professionals also take the test samples in the lab. They take the blood test, urine test and the stool test to find the full detail about the health problem.

A complete 10 days medicine course has to be taken to cure this fever. If one bacteria remains in our body, again the fever will bounce back after a month.

Use the diagnosis

Some of the typhoid cases become complicated because they are not treated well. Over 20 to 30% sufferers do not get proper treatment because they are not aware about the disease. So, diagnosis plays an essential role to finds out the disease whether it is typhoid or any other. Various drugs are also prescribed by the doctors to cure the typhoid.

Let us know if you have any other diagnosis as per your local physician and share your views here.


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49 thoughts on “How to cure Typhoid fever?”

  1. Hi, mam/sir…
    my wife is suffering from typhoid (TYPHI IgM (Rapid Assey) positive-H) so is it nessary to admit to hospital..

  2. Hi I have been suffering form typhoid since last 17 days I check my blood the range is 180then I used antibiotics abut 10days and I stoped then often 5days I felt fever then again I use tablets abut 5days and again blood test the result was same 180 so what can I do

  3. I am suffered from thyphoid fever for the last 7 years and i take many antibiotic but the tablets work for only few days and pain will come back so what shall i do?

  4. Good day Dr. I have suffered from recurring typhoid for 10 years now and I have been to different hospitals with high titres ranging between 180-320. It’s getting worse now because antibiotics no longer work. Please I need your advice.

  5. Hello mam I suffered from typhoid constantly, 2 years back I suffered from it got prescribed antibiotics for one month and become well again it hits me after 1 year same process again few months back. I got fed up I went to my doctors and he gave me same azithromycin tab along with some multivitamin.i got well but after some month I started feeling headach morning fever. What should I do.. Is typhoid can permanently curable

  6. Hello Dr. My test result is all four positives in 1:20, 1:40, 1:16, I’m taking Anitibiotics cifixime woo for five days but still every morning I’m suffering from 103f fever

  7. hello madam
    i am sick almost 1 year n i hvn,t know da kind of sickness is dat i went for Serval blood test n da result was negative
    n now i went n do typhoid test n dis da resul
    typhi h. 1:20
    typhi o. 1:20
    what does ist mean

  8. sir, i am suffering from head weight and fever, after lab reports my doctor has told it is typhoid, i have taken antibiotic tab from 5 days but still suffering from fever and head weight. i can not able to walk properly.. tell me suggestion

  9. Hlw…. My name is vishal, i have a typhoid since 6 days, i also clinic 3 days ago,he gave me antibiotics (cefixime and oflaxicin,paracetamol) for fever and headache. yesterday,i also checked for blood test finally, it shown me s.typh. O and A be positive. He again gave me same tablets for three time a day for three days . Earlier i also told to him,i want to b fit near 8 of September as possible,i have physical test. Will these medication ok,and it can treat me beyond 8 th of sept. Or in next 2 days?

    • Hello Vishal,

      Your blood examination reports will show up some numbers here and there.. which will be reflected that you were unwell.. But that should not affect your physical examination as it is an acute phase…

  10. OMG the back pains is too much. I hate typhoid. I’ve not been able to sleep well for the past 4 days. please is it advisable to take strong pain reliever like tramadol? or is there any other way to cure this? cus I’ve been on medication to no avail .thank you

  11. On Saturday after I have took (sahuur) the food before a person can begin fasting after that i slept back and that sleepy i discover that something has already happened to me for all the symptoms i seen i makes me know that it was typhoid my question is this i need a real medicine for typhoid that will curve it permanently

    • Hello Debora,

      Your family physician might advise you to repeat few test which can confirm that the typhoid is cured.


  12. Hello mam I am suffring frm typhiod for the last 15 days . I am on mesicens bt I am feeling unwell. Weak nd drowsy. How much time it take to get normal? Any advice plzzz

    • Hello Noman,

      Eat home cooked food. Drink only boiled water. Keep food spice free and less oily and fatty foods. Restrict milk and it’s products in the diet. No extra topping up of salt or chaat masala…


  13. I am suffering from typhoid . my Widal test was positive O 160 and H 180. Dr had given me antibiotics. After 2 weeks I again did my blood test in that widal test report was . O 60 and H 60. Should I consider it is cured . or should I continue to take antibiotics?

  14. My son of age 4.6 is suffering from loose motion and fever from last four days but today diagnosed he is also suffering from typhoid, now what diet we should give him for eating

  15. I got typhoid last year 22 December 2015 and My doctor didnot manage to dignose me and he thought it was malaria so I travelled and things didnot change. When i arrived in the country i visited they said i was suffering from gastratis and they treated me and nothing changed as well. I went bck to my country end of January 2016 and The doctor said i think you are suffering from typhoid he did some tests and it was positive typoid O and was treated. My problem now is its now 3 weeks since i was treated bt im very tired and week and i have no balance, can this be cured or it will stop one day

    • Hello Trevor,

      Have a high calorie diet, Keep sipping in Glucon D water. Eat healthy home cooked foods. Get prescription of some multivitamin from your physician.


      • Thank you very much Dr. I went back to the doctor due to the problem of lack of balance and he told me that im suffering from vertigo so Im now taking some medication on that. there is i slight change though but Sleeping is still a challange too.

  16. Dear sir madam
    I am afflecting with typhoid for last 3 months and I took all types of antiboitics with the consultation of doctor bt still im suffering with weakness headache and body pains .I fell buring in the body bt temperature is normal,……do you give me any advice

  17. It’s about a 2 week before I was having very high fever nd that day only I have blood test nd test comes beginning of typhoid.. Now 2 weeks passed away and from that day fever has not come back nd my temperature is normal.. Bt only headache comes for some hours nd it gets OK after a painkiller nd I have not taken doctor medicine Bt then also make well.. So I wanna ask is it a sigh that typhoid has gone??.. Or how can I get to know??

    • Hello Mayur,

      You have to repeat all the pathology test to assure that typhoid has completely vanished. Do not take painkillers for headache. Talk to your physician and then decide. Also increase your intake of fluids, fruits and raw veggies. Start taking multivitamin capsules. These few changes will help you to boost your immunity.


  18. hii sir i m ill and i have pain in all body and in my blood reports pus cells – 6-7 so you can tell me i have typhiod or not plz tell me fast

    • Please visit your family physician who can assess you completely… pus cells do not indicate typhoid only.. so do not assume any condition.. Do take advise of M.D. physician and take treatment as advised by him/her.

      -Dr. Neha Kava

    • Hello Sadiya,

      Please change the doctor if its beyond one months. Give her sterilised food and water. No oily and spicy food. Make food in ghee so digestion is easy. More of fruit juices and fruits. Lots of water throughout the day.


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