Everything You Should Know About Hot Tub Wet Tests

Considering the various sizes, features and specifications are important when shopping for a hot tub, but even more important is performing a wet test before you purchase. A wet test is similar to taking a test drive with a car and can help ensure that the hot tub is comfortable and feels right to you.

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If you have several hot tubs which you will be choosing from, you should do a wet test on each model the same day. This will keep each test fresh in your mind and help you compare the different features and comfort levels accurately. Keep reading to find out what you should know about hot tub wet tests.

West Test 101

Essentially, a wet test is exactly what it sounds like. You will be testing the hot tub when it has been filled with water and turned on. Generally, you will soak for 15 – 20 minutes which will give you time to test out the seats, feel the custom massage programs and other features.

Check Seating Depth and Quality

When you are sitting up straight, make note of the water depth. This is especially important if you live in a cooler climate and plan on using your hot tub often in winter. If so, you will want the water level to reach your shoulders so that you can stay warm. As far as testing seat comfort, you want to choose a hot tub that has seating which will accommodate adults and children of all sizes. Look for multi-level seating as it offers ergonomic features and a lot of versatility.


While you are soaking in the hot tub, consider the number of family members, friends, and guest that will be frequently joining you.  Get a feel for where the seats are located and if there are enough leg and arm room between seats. If you think it may be cramped, you may want to consider a larger hot tub.

Massage Jets

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Therapeutic massage jets have a whole lot to do with the enjoyment of your soaking experience. When you have your wet test, make sure to pay close attention to the water jets. Test the different hydrotherapy options and massage programs that target sore muscles like your back, legs, and calves. A wet test lets you feel whether or not the hot tub’s jet placement is comfortable for you. For those that look forward to soothing tired feet, check to see if there are massage jets in the footwell.


You want to be able to relax in your hot tub, not be distracted by humming or noisy components. Make sure that the hot tub runs silently and that you will be able to enjoy your soaking time. Quality hot tub models like Hydropool have minimal to zero noise when the water is heating, filtering and circulating.

In the end, a hot tub is a significant investment and one that you will own for many years to come. By doing your research up front and taking the time to wet test different models before you rush into buying, you will ensure that you choose the best model for your needs.

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