Health Benefits of Honey.

Health Benefits of Honey.

Honey, apart from it’s unique sweet flavor and taste, has many versatile properties. The floral liquid does help to cure many acute illness and problems like soar throat, throat irritation, loss of appetite, indigestion, wound healing. We will discuss health benefits of honey.

Benefits of Honey
Benefits of Honey

Hone is known to improve taste buds and hence it is also added to various food preparations to enhance it’s taste and flavor. Honey is also used as medicine. Medicinal properties of honey are numerous. Most of ayurvedic preparations combine it’s therapy along with honey. Honey is used for infants to treat soar throat and cough among infants. It is an age old practice by our late ancestors.

Honey is an invert sugar which gives instant energy and glucose supply to brain, lives and eye cells. Honey is becoming popular asa source of antioxidant since it is rich in phenolic acids and flavonoids and other antioxidants including glucose oxidase,catalase, ascorbic acid, carotenoid derivatives, organic acids, amino acids and proteins. Because of these nutrients present in honey makes it so unique among the other sweet food ingredients. Honey is nutritionally very good for consumption but for ‘Diabetics” a proper consultation and approval from Endocrinologist and Nutritionist is essential.

Benefits of Honey at A Glance:

  1. High in anti-oxidants
  2. High anti-bacterial specially honey of darker color.
  3. Anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular protection.
  4. Honey is nutritious with calories whereas sugar has plain calories.
  5. Helps to build up immunity.
  6. Acts as cold and nocturnal cough suppressants.
  7. Honey is best to enhance the Athletic performance.
  8. Presence of anti-oxidant in natural honey helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease by reducing free radicals in brain cells.
  9. Improves gastrointestinal health. Honey increases the amount of healthy bacteria in gut.
  10. Honey is used to treat leg ulcers and pressure sores.
Benefits of Honey
Benefits of Honey


Pediatricians strongly restrict feeding raw or uncooked honey to babies below 1yr as there is a very high risk of botulism. Botulism is a severe food toxic and babies don’t have strong immunity to fight against toxic.

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    Please let me know about the Dabur Honey…is it real honey? Can it be used to get real honey’s benefits?


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