Health Benefits Of Indian Meal.

7As we all know that Indian food is famous for its variety and number of spices in combination used to make it unique recipes. Apart from its taste it is also includes food from all the food groups. Sometimes it is said that Indian food is rich in its carbohydrate content. But this drawback has been overcome by educating people to use all the food groups in appropriate combination which makes it healthier.

When we talk about Indian food many of us relate it with more oil/ ghee or fat which is no more a true story. Indian food is very famous all over the world. People are fond of eating Indian food and hence franchises of Indian food are available all over the world. There are many international foods which are given an Indian touch by adding some Indian spices.

Indian foods are famous for the number of spices added. All theses spices enhance the taste of the food and if added in appropriate portion and with right cooking method they have many health benefits. For e.g. when we talk about turmeric it just doesn’t add color to the food but also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. All the spices added to the food have some significance apart from just being added for taste.

Indian food majorly comprises of a cereals, pulses, vegetables (cooked, uncooked), dessert etc. Cereal contribute to the chapatti (of wheat, rice, bajra, ragi, makai etc), vegetable (Cooked), salad (uncooked), Dal (pulses and legumes), curd, Rice (brown or white) and last but not the least dessert that can be anything from a piece of jaggery, gulab jamun, rasgulla, halwa etc. When you analyze the diet it majorly includes food from all the food groups. So it completely abides by the food pyramid.

Best assembled and organized meals which if followed for life time will not have any adverse effects on the health. So that’s the reason individuals who survive on traditional Indian meals live longer. Indian are forgetting trend of Indian meal and trying to be westernized where only high carbohydrate and refined carbohydrate meals like pastas, spaghettis, breads and all are consumed. Rate of heart disease and diabetes have increased because of this reason of adapting western food in the daily diet.


So it’s an alarming situation to all the Indians to go back to the old traditional diet and live a healthier life and increase their life by 25%. As per the lifestyle few changes has to be made. Initially people use to work harder physically so they could digest high fat diet. But as per today’s life style it is essential that you monitor amount of fat you are taking in your diet.

I would prefer to stick to traditional Indian food as compared to other western food. Occasionally eating western food is allowed. You have to be more careful if you are a parent of a kid. It is very important that you start your kid’s diet with an Indian traditional meal pattern. Introduce western food to them as late as possible. May be its too late for them to forget the taste of Indian food and switch to western food completely.

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  1. For sure, all the food is good, but for different categories of people. For those who lead a sedentary life, food with fat is not recommended.

    • Hello there,
      Everything in moderation is good keeping in mind the requirement. Fat also has good fat and bad fat. So it depends.


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