Hello everyone!!! As we all know that diet is gaining importance in everyone’s life. There are many people who are on a regular diet prescribed by a nutritionist/ Dietician and there are also equal number of people who go on diet with their own opinions and ways to lose weight/ gain weight or just be healthy. It is very important to understand that following a right diet is very important.

Fad diet is a diet typically used for weight loss. It has very faster effect on the body and shows results in a very short time. It necessarily need not be a failure but not a healthy option to go for. Fad Diet you are playing with your body by changing its complete nutritional supply. Body reacts in various ways if it is not suitable to your body. Tendency of losing weight with fad diet is easy but it’s difficult to maintain that weight. And it further becomes difficult to lose weight if your weight has regained after a fad diet.

Diet is optimum when you include all the five essential food groups in your diet in required proportion as per your body. But calculating your requirements is very important whereas in fad diet a random selection of food is given and is advised to take it. Sometimes it is no carb diet, high fat diet, high protein diet or fruits diet. Everyday there are ‘n’ numbers of different diet published and recommended by the dieticians and nutritionist.

Fad diets works wonder for a month but are later regretful. Traditional approach to weight loss is always a right choice of diet which includes portion control, low fat, moderate carb and proteins with adequate water, fruits and vegetables. So as per my suggestion I would recommend sticking to a diet which includes cereals, pulses, meat and poultry, fruits and vegetables, milk and its products and small amount of oils and fat.


There are many reasons which prove that fad diet only has consequences.

  1. WEIGHT REBOUNCEs: Fad diets are very simple and strict to be followed because it has to be continued for a very small period of time. But when we actually go to see whatever is the weight loss is due to the water loss from the body. It can also cause water imbalance in the body. Once you stop the diet and resume your regular diet you to tend to put on weight which you had lost with some extra pounds. So it is always recommended by the health professionals to gradually lose weight so that it doesn’t re bounces.
  2. HAIR AND MUSCLES ARE COMPROMISED: When you are on fad diet your diet is not nutritionally adequate. There are many nutritional deficiencies because of which the quality of hair is compromised. Both hair and muscles require adequate protein for its growth and maintenance. As fad diet is a very low calorie diet, body will meet up its requirements from other sources like proteins and fats and thereby not allowing proteins to carry out its main function of growth and maintenance.
  3. NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES: Fad diets are low carbohydrate and nearly no fat diet. Restriction of the basic food group from the body lead to many deficiencies and hence you feel fatigued and inability to function normally. Contrary to popular belief, not all fats are bad for the body. There are good fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids, are essential if you want to have good health.
  4. ALTERED METABOLISM OF THE BODY: Our body need particular food in particular quantity. Various nutrients have various functions in the body. Our body has strong signaling system which tells us when we are hungry and when we are full. When you are on fad diet you go against your body’s metabolism which negatively affects your body. This effect can be long term even after you have stopped your fad diet.


Few examples of fad diets are given below. Say no to these diets. There would be many more apart from this.

The below lines give a list of top fad diets list:

  • Atkins diet
  • Raw food diet
  • Lemonade diet
  • Metabolism diet
  • Cabbage soup diet
  • South beach diet
  • Zone diet
  • Caveman diet
  • Hollywood diet
  • Red wine diet
  • Ice cream diet
  • Chocolate diet
  • Baby food diet
  • 1200 calorie diet
  • hCG diet



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