Electric toothbrush vs manual toothbrush: Which one is better?

Most of the people actually don’t know the importance of the right toothbrush. You can definitely boost your dental hygiene and your oral health if you use a suitable toothbrush. Now, if we take into consideration the opinion of the experts, most of the dentist actually force their patients to switch on an electric toothbrush. This way, patients will definitely clean their mouths with more care and with a better toothbrush.

Main differences between Electric and Manual toothbrush

Now, let’s see the main differences between the electric and manual toothbrush. We will simply start with the benefits of electric and manual toothbrush, so you can be the judge and see for yourself.

Benefits of the Electric Toothbrush

Having an electric toothbrush will provide you many benefits. Let’s see what exactly does electric toothbrush has in store for you.

1) Power rotation

With the power rotation that electric toothbrush provides, you will get rid of the nasty stains on your teeth in no time. Basically, when the electric toothbrush is working, it cleans the teeth thoroughly and with care. Also, the plaque will no longer be a problem since electric toothbrush is great when it comes to the dealing of the plaque.

The manual toothbrush doesn’t have this option since you have to do the job with your hands. This doesn’t mean that manual toothbrush will not keep the plaque away, it simply means that you have to brush and clean and apply pressure since there are no rotations.

2) Variable speeds

The electric toothbrush is adjustable for every mouth. Namely, with more than 1 speed, you can actually reduce pressure on your gums and adjust the sensitivity of the electric toothbrush which will allow you to clean your teeth with care.

However, manual toothbrush doesn’t have any speed options since you need to move it with your hands. This might be a good thing since you know exactly how much pressure you need to apply on your gums and on your teeth.

3) Timers

Now, possibly the best thing that electric toothbrush has is the timer. With the timer, you will know exactly how much time you need to brush each section of your mouth. Since there is the right amount of time for every section of the mouth, you will be provided with the exact timer that tells you when to stop brushing each section. If you want to buy an electric toothbrush, check some of the best electric toothbrushes at oralcarehome to pick the right one for yourself.

As for the manual toothbrush, there is no such option. You can always count the seconds but that just seems a little bit weird or confusing sometimes.

Benefits of the Manual Toothbrush

Now, we will discuss some of the main benefits of the manual toothbrush. Let’s see.

1) More control

The main specification of a manual toothbrush is that it grants the full control of the motions and speed of the toothbrush. Simply speaking, since you are controlling and holding the toothbrush in your hands, it is only up to you to decide what speed you want to brush and which motions to use.

This is not the case with the electric toothbrush. Simply, electric toothbrush uses same motions and sometimes same speed. Sometimes you need to brush faster or slower, that is not what you can get from an electric toothbrush.

2) Ability to reduce pressure

Now, the thing about the manual toothbrush is that you can reduce the pressure on your gums anytime you want. Since you are applying the pressure, you will be able to reduce it as well. This is quite important when it comes to the overall health of your gums.

On the other hand, there is no such option for an electric toothbrush. The electric toothbrush has the same amount of pressure that uses in order to clean your teeth and that can sometimes damage your gums.

3) Small and convenient

The manual toothbrush is pretty convenient and small item for dental hygiene. Namely, you can easily pack it for travel and use it everywhere you go. This is actually something that lots of people that travel often benefit from.

But, the electric toothbrush is not that convenient when it comes to traveling. You actually need to pack it somewhere safe and risk to breaks it or damage it somehow.

Things that Electric and Manual Toothbrushes have in common

Here are some of the main things that you can both find in the electric toothbrush and manual toothbrushes.

1) Replacement

Both electric and manual toothbrushes need to be replaced every three months. Now, while you replace the whole manual toothbrush, when it comes to the electric one, you just need to replace its head.

2) Easy to use

They are both easy to use and operate with. The only difference is that with an electric toothbrush, you let the toothbrush to do the job, but with the manual, you do the job yourself.


All in all, this is the main differences between the electric and manual toothbrushes in general. Now, you should be the judge and decide which one will suit you better.

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