Diet tips to treat loose motions

Frequency of eating out is going on increasing day by day due to which problem of food poisoning is also increasing. When we talk about food poisoning, basic symptom is diarrhea. It is very essential that diarrhea is cured in short period of time because it empty’s up all the water preserves of the body and imbalances the water electrolytes and thereby causing dehydration. So diarrhea is a very small symptom but recommended to take action to stop it in order to maintain healthy electrolyte balance of the body. Here are tips to treat loose motions.

A very common habit of every lay man is to stop eating or reduce oral intake to subside diarrhea. But that is not the correction solution. Body needs energy for its function. If you reduce the supply of energy body further goes into trauma because diarrhea is malfunctioning of the intestine where the bowel movements have increased causing multiple loose motions caused by infection, gastroenteritis, or dyspepsia.

Diet tips to treat loose motions

Tips to treat loose motions

When someone experiences diarrhea, first thing to be stopped is milk and its products. After that green leafy vegetables and whole pulses. These are the common tips to stop diarrhea. These don’ts are known by majority of the people. Soft Drinks, alcohol, fatty foods, and fruit juices have also to be avoided because it can aggravate the diarrhea (osmotic Diarrhea). Raw fruits and vegetables also have to be avoided as they are high in fiber and increase loose motions. Majorly low residue food should be the choice of food. Here I would like to introduce to a special diet specially designed for diarrhea is called “BRAT” diet.

Where, B = Banana

R = Rice

A = Apple (mashed, Peeled)

T = Toast/ Tea (black)


BRAT diet is practiced by most of the nutritionist as it gives excellent results and helps to control diarrhea in a small period of time. It binds motion and improves the condition.

BRAT diet has many other advantages:

How to start BRAT diet in a patient having diarrhea? First of all, as I said that water balance of the body has been disturbed it is important to fill those water reserves. So increase intake of water, clear liquids like fresh lime juice, Coconut water, non-caffeinated juices, sodas, Oral rehydration solution to avoid dehydration Quantity of clear liquids has to be gradually increased as per the tolerance starting with few sips at a time. If the liquids are properly tolerated without feeling of nausea and vomiting, gradually BRAT diet can be started.

Bananas are considered helpful to bind stools and cause constipation. So it is best to start your diet with.

Include Rice to the meal as it has gelling property. It absorbs the extra water in the intestine and helps in binding stools. It also reduces the transit time of intestine as it is very low in fiber.

Apples also have soluble fiber which has properly to absorb water and form gel like substance. Apple without skin in the mashed form or sauce form is to be considered.

Toasts / Black Tea are also considered because they also have property of binding stool ad it gives energy because patient is not able to eat anything else.

black tea helps in stopping loose motions

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Maida products can be included for e.g. pasta, Semolina, rice products. Even after your symptoms have subsided, avoid raw vegetables, milk, cheese, coffee and fried or fatty foods for a week.

These are the ways in which you can help reduce or stop diarrhea through making changes in your diet. But instead of these changes if your diarrhea doesn’t subside please consult your health specialist/ physician.

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173 Responses to Diet tips to treat loose motions

  1. shweta says:

    Helo, mam
    I m shweta and my husband was suffering from loose motion from last two weeks and we have consern with Doctors also and he is hospitalized but no output comes out and the problem have been same

    Please suggest us what we do in such conditions

  2. Nisha Sabherwal says:

    can blood come during loose motion because of carrot or beetroot juice?

  3. Peter says:

    I got allergies and suffering from gerd past many years. Suffered severe indigestion and loose motion yesterday. Help

  4. Rahul K says:

    Dear Neha,
    Suffering from stomach ache and mild loose motion since three days. I take Homeo medicines for my allergy issues so continued with Homeo for my present condition. feel like nothing is getting digested well. Frequent gas build up. I have been eating rice and banana. Lemon juice. Still the issues persists. Please suggest.

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Rahul,
      take clear liquids like coconut wtare, lemon water, buttermilk, clear soups etc.
      Dark coffee, black tea, green tea/coffee will also help

  5. danish ali says:

    i m suffering from both constipateint and lose motion…when lose motion alright then constipatient disturb me and when constipatient right then i have been suffered in losemotion…tell me what i ate mam

  6. danish ali says:

    i m suffering from both constipateint and lose motion…when lose motion alright then constipatient disturb me and when constipatient right then i have been suffered in losemotion…tell me what i ate mam

  7. Pravatansu Dash says:

    Hi Neha.

    Wish you a good morning as well as Happy Republic Day. Actually i am suffering from loose motion since 2 to 3 days and also after taking high dose medicine it is not recovering. What diet plan should i maintain for quick relief?

  8. Rahul says:

    After eating heavy foods,its starts paining in stomach after sometimes and I also has problem of loose motion from last 3-4 blood and stool report are normal.plz advice

  9. Manasa says:

    Hi my son suffering from loose stools since two days his age is 3 yrs weight is 14 kg . doctor prescribed zinconiva but still he is not recovering

  10. SIddharth says:

    Hello Neha,

    I am type 1 Diabetic. when diagnosed i was also suffering from GERD.
    Now after 3 years life is quite good the only problem i face is indigestion 🙁
    eating anything outside leads to loose motions.
    earlier Alcohol was contributing to it but i have stopped completely.
    another thing which i find difficult is to quit smoking
    does being diabetic and smoking has anything to do with my body rejecting alcohol and food cooked outside . I mean to say even the slightest inferior or heavyly cooked food( with oil/ghee/spices) creates discomfort.

    please suggest whats to be done in case of loose motions i follow the BRAT routine but thats a cure once its caused how to improve the whole functionality of the digestive system. i hope its reversible.
    your kind assistance is needed in their matter.

    thanks in advance keep going with the good work you are doing >> all the best !

  11. Anjali says:

    Hi neha,
    I have loose motions for 2 days now, taken norflox tz but still no change and had vomiting as well could you please suggest me what should be done.?

  12. Basavaraj says:

    Hi Dr
    I am diabetic and since last 2 months suffering from Diarrhea , If I eat anything especially at time , the whole night I will be awake.

    I have been taking Medicine eldopar very often and with that when at home I have Nutmeg powdered with honey and this gives me early relief.
    But I want permanent solutions for this.
    Pl help.

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Basavraj,
      You go for stool test and also try to include curds in your diet. One bottle yakult in a day. See how you feel.
      Also follow BRAT diet which i have mentioned in my write up.

      • Neha Kava says:

        Being a diabetic you will also have to take care of your sugar also. SO i would advise you to take a proper consultation where diet is planned as per your present symptoms and sugar control. If you interested in online consultation you can write to us

  13. Hi mam for loose motions and once vomiting i have taken 2 imodium yedterday n one today.feeling better but after eating dahi rice at 1400 hrs had loose motion at 1700 hrs. shall i take one more imodium tab. feeling weakness n no apetite. plz adv i have seen BRAT SHALL I FOLLOW IT. THANKS

  14. mallika says:

    ma’am i had an abortion but their was no as such side effects of medicine bt yesterday i went outside nd after coming home as i was sweating a lot i drank chilled water after that i had fever nd wen fever got cured then loose motion started ..plz help me what shld i do

  15. Neha sahoo says:

    mam i having losse motion 4m 3 days

  16. Prathik says:

    Hello mam am suffering from loose motion do what should I eat

  17. awais says:

    i have a gas problem since 2 month ,dr advice me take essopemrazol until my problem solve ,and i take these for a whole month and my problem solve but then after one or two week the problem came back and this time i have loose motion too ,i am taking anti bacteria tablets but i have side effect on these like dazzing an d heart pounding what i suppose to do ?

  18. praveen says:

    hii mam its praveen . I m suffering from loose motion from last six months but not so much critical condition. I go to the toilet only one time a day .but whenever I eat something oily like puris or ghee I suffered from loose motion but only one times a day please help.

  19. This article is very informative thanks mam neha.

  20. Lokesh says:

    Hii mam i am suffering loose motion from 2 days with fever and i am not feeling hungry even if i don’t eat from morning also with lot of pain pls give me necessary suggessions

  21. Manesh patik says:

    Lose motion on tour. When i eat ice cream … cake after lunch its reachs me. Unfortunetly i had it. Can i eat buiscuits to stop lose motion.

  22. Danesh kasu says:

    I am having losse motions from last 3 days, also 2 days ago I was suffering from fever,i think its from heat of the medicine, what should I do to stop it.please suggest

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Danesh,

      Eat White breads, banana, peeled apple, curd rice, Khichdi, Tea, coffee, coconut water and drink enough water throughout the day. Avoid Drinking fruit juices and milk.

      • Danesh kasu says:

        Thanks for the advice. I am feeling very wesk, hope it works,god bless!!!

      • rahul verma says:

        hello mam,
        i m suffering stomatch problem from last 6 months ialso loose my wait nd i also losse intrust in eating i m feelinf very low , my diest is half than last 6 monts kindly suggest me what can i do

        • Neha Kava says:

          Hello Rahul,
          You can eat white breads, curd rice, khichdi, buttermilk, tea/ coffee, apple , banana.

          First control your loose motions then you will be able to eat well..

          • Monica Agarwal says:

            I am suffering from loose motion and vomiting sensation. Can I have rasam rice

  23. Erik says:

    Hie i hve loss motion before one month
    My health is so critical

    Before last month my weight is 53 but now my weight is only 46 plese any suggest me

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Erik,
      Pls get your stool test done.. Let me know the cause of your loose motions so i can suggest you food for weight gain..

  24. asim zohaib says:

    A.a.o medm
    its asim from pakistan,conssistantaly i m suffering from lose motion more than a month,i frobid to eat spicy food,milk, and follow doctor prescription drugs,,,medum should i do?????

  25. Kamal hoshi says:

    Hello maam.i m suffering from loose motions from last 3 days.i m so far from my country nd want to have curry chawal.can i hve because i m missing my country food so much.

    • Neha Kava says:

      hello Kamal,
      Drink coconut wtaer, Nimbu paani, buttermilk.Eat breads, banana, apple, khichdi, Rice whatever available form these options. Drink dark coffee and tea with very little or no milk.

  26. Sashi says:

    Can I drink coconut water?

  27. shubhang dadhich says:


    • Neha Kava says:

      Acoid spicy food.. Have simple food during loose motions. You can enjoy curd rice or curd Khichdi 🙂


  28. kuldeep says:

    i am suffering from conspitation and I have lost some weight

  29. Samrat s parmar says:

    Neha madam i am suffering from losse motion last 15 years i go all kind of dr. Ayurved but no one solve my this problem when i am thinking to go outside then i go toilet minimum 4-5 times or more and i cant go anywhere by bus or anyother way when i go from train then no problem come plzzz helpe to solve this problem

  30. Is it recommended to take green tea?

  31. dimpi says:

    Mam I am sufferring from loose motions from past 4 days medicine r not working m having ors twice a day…along wid normal light diet still no improvements. They r not stopping suggest me sumthing?!

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello DImpi,

      Eat curd,rice, white breads, Banana, Apple, dark Tea & Coffee (Less milk or no milk),Lemon water, clear soups, Khichdi,


  32. Fatimah Patel says:

    Dear Neha,
    I m suffering from loose motion for more than a year now… i have to visit the toilet at least 2 times everyday with liquid excretion specially in the morning…is it ibs or diarrhea? I want
    quick solution to this problem.

    • Neha Kava says:

      Dear Fatimah,

      With rice best would be to have curd or else you can add any form of curry but less spicy, less oily and thin consistency.
      Eat apple, banana, breads, rice, tea, coffee, curds, yogurts etc. Take care


  33. KRANTI says:

    After receovery from loose motions after how many days we can eat spicy food

  34. rajasekhar says:

    I have suffering loose motions for last 2 months daily i got 3 to 4 times,when i ate any food i got loosely motions and i checked doctor and scanned ultra scan for kidneys,totally stomach report is normal.What happens i dont kne,is there any symtoms for cancer.Could you please guideness to me,suddenly i got pain and got motions.

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Rajesh,

      Get your stool test done. There might be some malabsorption in stomach and intestines. If require consult a gastroenterologist. He will help you the best.


  35. Anna says:

    hello mam,

    My stomach get upset, ihad a problem of Motions 2 or 3 days before i had medicine as well.., still feeling not perfct yet..
    please suggest which fruit i could have.


  36. joy says:

    Hi mamm,
    Last one month I have an upset stomach and loose motions I have seen doctors but no use. After I stop taking medicine my loose motions starts…and I have constipation too….please suggest.

  37. Sarvesh Pokalwar says:

    I am suffering from loose motion since last three days what should i eat

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Sarvesh,

      Eat white breads, pav, apple, banana, curds, rice, tea, coffee, khichadi etc. Keep sipping in Electral (ORS) water


  38. shubham verma says:

    hey neha,
    actually i m having the problem of severe loose motions from last night, i go to gym daily and work for 2 hours atleast i do heavy workout, can u plz suggest me what can i eat before and after workout?? and yeah i am having the problem of stomach pain also.

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Shubham,

      For loose motions eat bread, biscuits, banana, apple, rice, khichdi, tea, coffee etc
      Avoid fruit juices. Drink boiled water.
      Pre workout take fruit
      Post workout take whey protein (after loose motion stops)


  39. sharon says:

    Hi mam, you said drinking black tea is good during loose motion. Is it advisable to take black tea with sugar or are we supposed to consume it without sugar. How about green tea?

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Sharon,

      With small amount of sugar is ok. Green tea is also beneficial. But if you don’t like then do not forcefully feed yourself with it.


  40. Mishal Saheer says:

    Can i have dates during loose motion?

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