Diet tips to treat loose motions

Frequency of eating out is going on increasing day by day due to which problem of food poisoning is also increasing. When we talk about food poisoning, basic symptom is diarrhea. It is very essential that diarrhea is cured in short period of time because it empty’s up all the water preserves of the body and imbalances the water electrolytes and thereby causing dehydration. So diarrhea is a very small symptom but recommended to take action to stop it in order to maintain healthy electrolyte balance of the body. Here are tips to treat loose motions.

A very common habit of every lay man is to stop eating or reduce oral intake to subside diarrhea. But that is not the correction solution. Body needs energy for its function. If you reduce the supply of energy body further goes into trauma because diarrhea is malfunctioning of the intestine where the bowel movements have increased causing multiple loose motions caused by infection, gastroenteritis, or dyspepsia.

Diet tips to treat loose motions

Tips to treat loose motions

When someone experiences diarrhea, first thing to be stopped is milk and its products. After that green leafy vegetables and whole pulses. These are the common tips to stop diarrhea. These don’ts are known by majority of the people. Soft Drinks, alcohol, fatty foods, and fruit juices have also to be avoided because it can aggravate the diarrhea (osmotic Diarrhea). Raw fruits and vegetables also have to be avoided as they are high in fiber and increase loose motions. Majorly low residue food should be the choice of food. Here I would like to introduce to a special diet specially designed for diarrhea is called “BRAT” diet.

Where, B = Banana

R = Rice

A = Apple (mashed, Peeled)

T = Toast/ Tea (black)


BRAT diet is practiced by most of the nutritionist as it gives excellent results and helps to control diarrhea in a small period of time. It binds motion and improves the condition.

BRAT diet has many other advantages:

How to start BRAT diet in a patient having diarrhea? First of all, as I said that water balance of the body has been disturbed it is important to fill those water reserves. So increase intake of water, clear liquids like fresh lime juice, Coconut water, non-caffeinated juices, sodas, Oral rehydration solution to avoid dehydration Quantity of clear liquids has to be gradually increased as per the tolerance starting with few sips at a time. If the liquids are properly tolerated without feeling of nausea and vomiting, gradually BRAT diet can be started.

Bananas are considered helpful to bind stools and cause constipation. So it is best to start your diet with.

Include Rice to the meal as it has gelling property. It absorbs the extra water in the intestine and helps in binding stools. It also reduces the transit time of intestine as it is very low in fiber.

Apples also have soluble fiber which has properly to absorb water and form gel like substance. Apple without skin in the mashed form or sauce form is to be considered.

Toasts / Black Tea are also considered because they also have property of binding stool ad it gives energy because patient is not able to eat anything else.

black tea helps in stopping loose motions

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Maida products can be included for e.g. pasta, Semolina, rice products. Even after your symptoms have subsided, avoid raw vegetables, milk, cheese, coffee and fried or fatty foods for a week.

These are the ways in which you can help reduce or stop diarrhea through making changes in your diet. But instead of these changes if your diarrhea doesn’t subside please consult your health specialist/ physician.

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