Diet and health tips for people suffering from dengue fever

As we all daily read in newspapers that so many people died due to dengue fever. It is a viral illness. Dengue is affecting people of all age groups as the virus is passed by flies and  mosquitoes. So mosquitoes pass this virus from one person to another and hence it is important to keep your surrounding fly and mosquito free. So Diet and health tips for people suffering from dengue will be very helpful.

When you are infected by dengue your platelets start  falling down incredibly. Platelets are part of our red blood cells. Platelets helps in blood coagulation. So if platelets go very low then blood clotting is affected. And if you bleed from any part of the body, it is difficult to stop bleeding with low platelets. So we have to be very careful that there is no damage to the body externally or internally and the person does not bleed. Due to such risky conditions victims  get hospitalised or even require ICU setup as a preventive measure. So be careful of these small mosquito bites. They can change your health.

The most effective and important tip to avoid dengue fever is to stay away from mosquitoes and from long standing fresh water. And with the above precautions, still if you are suffering from dengue fever, diet plays a very important role to bring you out from this viral infection and you get your health back. Dengue fever is followed with lots of weakness and lethargy. 

There are high doses of medicines are going in. At the same time the appetite of the patient is very low to support those medicines. So an additional concern of eating good nutrition is important for fast recovery.

So if you wish to get out from this infection pretty soon, it is important that you eat well and drink well.

Now a day’s dengue fever is considered to be one of the dangerous fevers. Inspite of the medications available it is difficult to diagnose at an early stage. Dengue fever may or may not be detected in the first sample of your blood. But getting yourself treated under a physician is very  important. 

As we talk about diet for dengue fever. There is no thumb rule to be followed for diet but a few tips can help you to combat soon from the fever.

dengue fever remedies

Drink ample water during Dengue Fever

It is very necessary to supply your body with plenty of fluids throughout the day. Oral rehydration solution, fruit juices, coconut water, lime juice etc can be given which will help to remove the toxins from the body.

Virus gets excreted via urine hence reducing its load in the body and hence it is advised to be on more of liquid diet and increase overall water intake.

During fever appetite of patients is really very low, so it becomes our responsibility to select food which patient likes and apart from that the food selected should be such which has high energy in small quantities. Along with calorically dense food the consistency of food will also be very important.

For e.g. instead of chapatti give sheera with good amount of ghee and sugar. 1 chapati to eat would be difficult if compared with sheera. Sheera being soft doesn’t require efforts of chewing it. Milkshakes and fruit juices over whole fruits.

Nuts can be powdered and added to any of the food items or can be added to milk 2 times in a day

drink juice during dengue fever

Have Fruits and Juices during Dengue Fever

Do not over load patient with spices, salt, fried and oily food. During dengue fever your liver is affected the most. So when you load your food with fat and junk food, your liver is unable to metabolise as it has become weak as compared to before. So focus more on proteins and vitamins.

It is important to make sure that patient gets vitamins from all the sources of fruits and vegetables. Soups and juices are also a good choice as it is easy to consume and assimilation of nutrients is also quick.

During dengue fever, teh vitamins are lost and hence the patients don’t  have appetite as well as taste in mouth. Loading body with vitamins will help to enhance hunger and also improve taste buds sensitivity. Your diet can include boiled vegetables, rice porridge, soup, toast, apples, bananas and tea.

If patient is not comfortable with solid food patient can stick to liquids for 2-3 days after which solid intake should be gradually started. Liquids need not be very light like dal water or rice kanji. Make pulp of food and dilute little with water to make it drinking consistency eg mashed dal with some mashed rice or khichdi Nausea and vomiting are the main symptoms of dengue fever which have to be taken care of.

As dengue majorly affects the liver, there is impaired liver function. So it becomes very important to supply body with easy to digest food where in liver can rest and regenerate it’s cells..

So that body doesn’t have to do extra effort of converting complex food into simple forms. After patient’s intake improves so the focus from hydrating the patient is to start with a high protein diet.

Protein rich foods have to be included in the diet like milk and its products, pulses, eggs, fish, Chicken etc. Many a times doctors suggest to avoid non veg food. Non veg foods have more chances of infection and bacteria. So if it is not cooked properly or  not cleaned, it can cause infection and may add to the days of recovery. But if you are sure of your cooking method you can very well eat your meat made in less oil and spice. 

A high protein and calorie diet is recommended even after the fever is gone to restore all the resources of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats in the body.


I have seen my patients suffering from major weakness even after a month or so. They are not able to perform their activities as before. So your body really needs to be replenished with nutrients and also give good rest to your body.

If you are not aware of the diet you should be eating, please consult your nutritionist or take help or a specialized person who can guide you with a correct diet and rejuvenate your body. You need to follow a good healthy routine and build your immunity back.

You can also post your queries in comments below. I will be glad to help you. You can also mail me on [email protected]



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Neha Kava

National Registered Dietitian at
Neha Kava is a National Certified Registered Dietitian in India. She likes to share her knowledge about daily health, nutritition and diet tips. You can contact her on [email protected]

245 Responses to Diet and health tips for people suffering from dengue fever

  1. Ravindra says:

    I want to know that can I eat sugar apple in dangoue fever.

  2. Ravikumar. says:

    Please give some ideas of food which can be given to the dengue attacked person

    Yess Plsss, same is mine.

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Ravi,

      Non spicy bland food and less oily food will help. Also more or liquids will help. Do take your multivitamins and probiotics as well. Rest of the details are there in the blog.

  3. Shaina says:

    Hi Neha my husband is suffering from dengue fever for last 4 days n the platlets count is one Lankh is it normal?

  4. Anil Jangra says:

    i am suffering from dengue fever for 3 days. can i take curd in lunch and can i take bath.

  5. Sukhvinder singh says:

    Suffering from fever from last 4 days
    My platelet count in CBC test is 80000 & doctor has suggest for dengue serology test & report of this test will come in one day ,doctor has advised to avoid medicine but if fever goes high then advice to take dolo 650
    What should I eat ?
    Fever is continuously fluctuating from 101 to 99 Fahrenheit . is there any thing to worry or it norma

  6. saajid says:

    Hello Neha ji
    I was diagnosed with dengue and was hospitalized for a week. M having a lot of fruits veggies and liquids. But i still feel week from inside can u plz suggest me what can i take to increase my strength i have exams on head.
    Hoping to get a reply soon.

  7. gagan says:

    Mam my brother plaelates are not increaseing from 2-3 day he is admited from 5-6 days what to do

  8. GD says:

    What diet to be given to a child 4 yrs female during dengue as they don’t eat much during this period? Also a medical question – Does fever still remains during the on set of the rashes on fifth day?

  9. SOUMYA SARKAR says:

    My mother having dengue 4 days before now she is admit in hospital a. at the time of admit platlet count 1.99000 but tody count is 1.25000. its goes down.
    what should i do?

    doctors give some saline sodium chloride and electrolyte.
    morning i give her fresh fruits like papaya, orange

    coconut watr
    after noon
    boil rice
    boiled egg

    chicken soup
    2 tawa roti
    01 egg bhurji

    is it ok

  10. Ankita Kumar says:

    My mother is suffering from dengue. Tests results came yesterday night only. Her platelet count has already reduced to 22000. She has nausea and vomiting also. Whatever fluid intake she is taking is coming out through vomiting.
    Please suggest what shall we do.

  11. Nandita says:

    Hello mam!

    I have 9 month old baby and am breastfeeding him. I have diabities but its under control. Suddenly i had high fever of 102 degree, rashes on my arms , body pain. And i feel too weak. So for dengue in diabities patients what diet has to be taken. Pls help me

  12. Nisha shetty says:

    My daughter has dengue..fever gone since today but platelet and end count low – 3000/91..she wants to eat prawns and fish, can I give her home cooked one and also curd

  13. joey says:

    how many days should i take alcohol after diagnosed from dengue?

  14. Raj says:

    My wife get infected with Dengu Virus. Please help me what to not eat in this situation.

  15. Daisy Ekka says:

    Can a person suffer from dengue and typhoid together?

    And can such person have chocolate?

  16. Aiswarya says:

    My daughter suffering with dengue fever..she studying 12th standard. palates 3L and wbc she stay hostel continuous? And how many days after she will go to the hostel.

  17. Nair says:

    Hi Madam
    Day Before Yester day my platelets count was 180000, yesterday it was 107000 and today it is 91000. Why it is reducing? Is it a good sign?

  18. sajan says:

    Hello Mam, platelet count on 25th was 66000 and on 26 th when we have tested it’s increased to 72 thousand, do we need to admit or home treatment is enough,

    When we asked to manipal hospital they asked us to admit for 5 days and total bill said 80000 rs, is the amount will this much to treat dengu fever.

  19. Abdul says:

    I got discharged from hospital when my platelets count more than 70k and now it reached 136k.My doctor said avoid nonveg until full recovery.can I eat eggs???

  20. Jenifer says:

    Can take non-vegetarian after dengue….

  21. Suryakala j says:

    Hi Mam, recently I have gone through dengue.weakness is still there. My legs are paining very badly and my bp gets low everytime because of which I feel guidiness. And i am not able to eat regular food its not getting digested. Please suggest me diet. My Tlc platelet also less 3500

  22. Suryakala j says:

    Hi Mam, recently I have gone through dengue.weakness is still there. My legs are paining very badly and my bp gets low everytime because of which I feel guidiness. And i am not able to eat regular food its not getting digested. Please suggest me diet.

  23. nasreen says:

    One month back i am suffring from dengue.i am porfectly allright know.shall i eat nonveg know.

  24. ram says:

    hello mam
    after 2 months my weakness not going i feel vibration in my body
    and my motion is not good
    what i do?
    plz help mam

  25. Aniket says:

    Mam my brother is suffering from dengue and if i will just provide him with a fruit milkshake will it be helpfull for him.??if yes than just suggest me which fruit milkshake is more helpfull

  26. ANMOL says:

    Sir ,please Help. I am suffering from Fever, Headache, Eye pain .
    And when I get blood report there is low platelet.

    My platelet report is:- 1.1

    And Normal Range is (1.5 to 3.5).

    Then What Should I have to do?

    I am Afraid so much….


  27. lakshmi says:

    my son 25 yr old he is a pilot,he had dengue feveron 16 but dignosed on 18 oct platelates gone dwn 73 k but next day it was increased day by day he join the duty on 28 th oct but on 30th oct he went to wd frnds ejoing diwali busting crakers n 30 mrng he was not feeling well omiting an headack nw he is at home wt care shud be done nw he is feeling better after sleeping 10 hr

  28. Sana says:

    My daughter is having dengui plus typhoi ,what should i give her in diet

  29. Singappaiah H.M says:

    I am having platelets 100200 tested yesterday and I have taken two times papaya leaves juice .I had heavy fever for two days before.Now I am not getting appetite and feeling omitting sensation.Please suggest what to do?

    • Neha Kava says:

      Eat small frequent meals…
      and eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
      Lost of water.
      Appetite will come back in a weeks time…

      • m s Iqbal says:

        Hi mam my platelets count becomes normal then down every week it’s fluctuating 180k to 100k how can stable this n can I take fish n chicken

  30. Neeraj Rathod says:

    Can milk be had in dengue

  31. Saurav Gaur says:

    My platelets reduced 250 to 140 I’m having full body pain and also asked to doctor they told me to take only liquid things. As they said I’m doing as same. But by liquid things I’m not getting proper energy and also platelets decreased so please suggest me what can I eat in this fever. Tried some food but there taste is not better because of disease.

  32. Nicketia Jonas says:

    my friend has dengue..or so the doctor said but during the nights he feels like his entire body is burning up from the inside his body is cool on the outside whenever thid occurs he also have headache and joint pains at some point mostly during the nights…needb some advise please…..also what his diet should be like???

  33. Girisha R says:

    My vitamin d is 9,43 its insufficient my doctor told per weak 3 months take calcirole Sachs but my question is why my body getting low vitamin d every year last year also I am facing same problems….

  34. ANITA SINGH says:

    My brother is admitted to the hospital and Iv fluids are being given and the fever is also under control however, the platelets have drop to 35k and he is not able to digest anything he vomited evrything he ate minutes post his intake . Water is being given to him at an interval of 15-30mins .
    Plz provide a solution at the earliest.

  35. Ranjay yadav says:

    I am suffering from dengue yesterday I feel better so I have rice and it is not digested till now and also fill some headache, what can I do. please help, my stomach is heavy, it seems the food is right there only.

  36. akash singh says:

    I m suffering from dengue and my platelets is not increasing its actually decreasing gradually i m drinking payaya leaves as well as eating kivi . any thing more i can add to my diet?

    • Atif says:

      Drink lots of water. Drink fresh apple juice with some lemon drops in it. You should also have pomegranate juice freshly squeezed. Get fresh sugarcane juice add one teaspoon of lemon juice and one tablespoon of red beetroot juice twice daily for three days. Don’t ger panicked or depressed. Just drink drink and drink

  37. Sukhpreet Singh says:

    hii.. mam m sukhpreet, m suffering frm dengue m taking medicine at proper time but the problem is that m living alone and i don’t know what should i eat or what,its my humble request to you if u issue me a full day diet chart
    i will be very thankful to you…

  38. Yadvinder singh says:

    Hello Neha ,
    Hope you doing well ,i need a suggestion reagrding diet during dengue so can you please suggest me what i should give to my brother because doctor said that do not give heavy things like goat milk etc. So can please tell me about diet

  39. Jagjit Mander says:

    Find it quite informative & useful ,thx

  40. Bisma says:

    Hey Neha,
    Hope you are doing well. My brother and I are suffering from dengue.Its the 4th day and our platelet count is 78k and 150k respectively. Please suggest a good diet plan to follow as we feel super lethargic and drained out already.
    Also, how to extract juice from papaya leaves?

    Best regards,

  41. Gaurav Maurya says:

    I am suffering from dengue yesterday I feel better so I have rice and it is not digested till now what can I do. please help, my stomach is very heavy, it seems the food is right there only

  42. AMIT says:

    can one eat pizza in dengue ?

  43. Hina says:

    My 3 year old daughter has dengue. She is just no drinking enough fluid. Wat can be done. She is not eating also

  44. Shubham says:

    Mam i am shubham . I have a doubt that instead of papaya leaf is their any other stuff to increase my platelets count . My platelets is 84000

  45. vinod says:

    Madam, I was discharged post dengue treatment on 23rd July. Now,can I eat eggs and non-vegetarian foods?

  46. MONALI says:

    HI MAM my Bfriend is having dengue now he has alot of weekness to his legs..suggest me what kind of things i can do for him.

  47. Vasu says:

    Dear Doctor my sister son recovered from dengue but now he got urinary bladder was closed and pain is coming while urine. What to do?

  48. Ramakichenane says:

    Am suffering from dengue fever past 1 week..yet my joint pains are persisting. Am at home. But my wbc count is 13,600. And I undergone some surgery before 4 yrs. Tat wound didn’t get cured till now. Whether wbc count become high because of infection r because of fever..

  49. Vnu says:

    hi mam I am recovered from dengue in last month. (30:07:2016) should I eat home made non veg especially fish

  50. Savita shelke says:

    My platelates are increasing now but eatching is not stopped still. Traetment is also gonig on please give me suggestion for stop eatching.

  51. Protiva Pramanik says:

    Hello….its Protiva here..actually i want to know that my mom had dengue but now she is diagonised that dengue virus called elesa is 52’/,which should be less than 11’/,and now its effecting her liver so what diet should she follow and what food and fruits and vegetables should she eat.please reply.

  52. Rekha says:

    Its almost three months.r recovered from dengue…How long hair fall continue …I m facing severe hair loss…plz tell me whether ll get back my hair …n can I eat nonveg

  53. Rekha says:

    Hi…in June mid I was admitted to hospital bcz of dengue…now it’s almost three months…I m experiencing heavy hair loss…I had long n thick hair…day by day loosing lot of hair…hair volume becoming too less…worried a lot..plz tell me whether ll get back my hair?…hair fall continue for how many days…now I have started eating non veg…is that ok

  54. Meena Shah says:

    I have recovered from dengue, it’s been over a week, can I go about with my house work in moderation and step out too ?

  55. prakash Maharaj says:

    Plz suggest me my uncle is suffering on dengu what I can do.plz suggest me quick

  56. Kundan challa says:

    My brother has dengue What diet should he follow to cure it and to increase his platelet count??

  57. Saiyam says:

    Mybrother and my uncle are suffering from dengue fever ….my brothers platelet count is normal but he has stomache ache ..and my uncles platelet count is 21000….he is not taking any diet. because of liver enlargment he is having problem taking solid diet…..he is a dibetis patient ..what should we do

  58. Devshree Chauhan says:

    I have been just diagnosed that i am suffering fron dengue. Can i have rice with pulses?

  59. Devshree Chauhan says:

    I have just diagnosed that i am suffering fron dengue fever. I am avoiding chapattis but can i have rice with pulses?

  60. Anil Jacob says:

    Are drinks like Gatorade (supposed to have mineral salts) good to have by patients of Dengue? What about other carbonated soft drinks?

  61. GAURAV says:

    Mam i, am suffering from dengue from last seven days, my platelets count was 27 thousand but now its increasing slowly, mam please tell me can i take vegetable soups from market(packet one) in diet?

  62. Bulu says:

    can i treat dengue at home without a
    dmitting to hospital

  63. nnina Quimeri says:

    Mydaugjter has a dengue and uti can she take antibiotic? I’m

  64. Rjaiswal says:

    Hi I got fever on 14th Sept took pills for vital fever again had on 17th and diagnosed as dengue,was on liquid diet and fruits and am on bed rest. How long does it take to get back to regular activities.

  65. Nishant khandelwal says:

    I recovered from dengue by 11th sep,i mean my platelets got normal by then. By 17th September platelet count reached 3.37 lacs.
    Now by 26th sep I feel well , except that I feel little weakness in my legs.
    I want to know whether I should still be taking precautions regarding my diet or can i have normal regular diet .

  66. pranay taylor says:

    hello mam ..i have a dengue but 4 days are running out actually now i have no fever no headche no joint pain no body pain but i have problem in liver So what can i do and eat in this situation

  67. Damyanti says:

    my son is recovering from dengue (Today is 7th day). His WC Count is 7430 and PLATELET COUNT IS 120000. Can he take Idli and Sambhar or Idli + Coconut chatni. Can he eat Dhudhpak. I am regularly giving him lot of water , lemon juice and mosambi juice.

  68. ayesha bilal says:

    Just got recovered frm dengue
    Can i eat liver??

  69. Shivani Tyagi says:

    Hlo maam i’m shivani…my father is hvng dengue and his platelts are 185000 so what fruit or eatables should we give him to improve his health though his treatmnt is also going on

  70. Neha Kava says:

    Hello Saurabh,
    make sure you drink lots of fluids during Dengue. And also take Fresh papaya leaf juice. It does help to increase your platelets and reduce symptoms.

  71. Roselle A. Lopez says:

    My daughter was suffered from dengue and we recently discharge from the hospital 2 days from now. I just want to ask if what are the do’s and dont’s in taking care of my daughter?

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Roselle,
      YOu just make sure there is hygiene around her. give her boiled water. Lost of fruits and veggies. Make sure she eats healthy home cooked food.

      May god bless her

  72. amit says:

    Hi Doc,

    My current platelet count is 20K and dengue fever subsided some 3-4 days back, can I eat chicken, since I’m feeling a lot of weakness or chicken soup cooked at home.

  73. Preksha says:

    Can i have cheese i am on recovery stage

  74. y santosh kumar says:

    Recently diagnosed dengue discharged from hospital with 1lac plateletts count can i preffer non veg food or not pls suggest.

  75. Tarun Goyal says:

    i am suffering from dengue.Can i eat savayiya(vermicelli) ?

  76. Shalini says:

    My kid is 7, she has high fever . We are giving her calpol ds after every 5-6 hours.
    Issue is she is not able to digest anything, even if she takes apple she vomits .
    Is it ok to give her little littler ors only from time to time?

    We haven’t done any tests, is it required?
    Our doctor suggested to wait for 7 days.

  77. HT says:

    What is the optimal level of protein for a recuperating male age 65y. If w are taking ‘Ensure’ protein – how many scoops in a day?

  78. Shikha says:

    Can we serve maggie to the patient

  79. Hitesh says:

    Dear neha mam

    In case of dengue i am admitted in hospital from last 4 days to day is 5th day

    During day fever cames 2 to 3 times temp remains 102F

  80. Arshdeep says:

    Can we eat non veg food during dengue fever

  81. Nishant says:

    After recovering from dengue I am suffering from hair loss,,please suggest how it can be treated.

  82. Rohit says:

    Blood platelets is improving now gone upto 111k.can i eat chicken or chapati

  83. Anji says:

    I have 1.5k platelets can i have chicken

  84. ARJUN says:

    Can I eat non veg after dengue

  85. Waseem says:

    Hi Neha,

    Right Noe i m suffering through Fever and having bodyache, is it i am suffering from dengur or Normal fever

  86. Zeeshan says:

    My pltlts count was 117000 1 week before from then M preserving papaya leaf extrct pomegranate kiwis and other fruits bt still i feel unhealthy what should i do ..?

  87. tabrez says:

    What can i eat when my plt is 89k plz suggest me…

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Additional to your regular diet drink lots of water along with fresh fruit and veggies.
      Drink papaya leaf juice. it does wonders

  88. Ritesh Jaisinghani says:

    After how many days can consume alcohol after dengue fever has gone and my platelets are more than 150000 !

  89. Aryan says:

    My platelets are normal mam….can I eat sweets….

  90. Giyir says:

    my pltrt is 70k pls suggest me wic food I should west n wic should not.

  91. Nadeem Haider says:

    Can I eat non veg food after recovering from dengue fever?

  92. jeena says:

    i am suffering fro dengue and the platelate is normal, shall i refer any medicine or only good food supplements is enough to avoid any medicine? i am drinkinh 3 teaspoon of papaya leave juice daily…till how long I should take?…please suggest.

  93. julia says:

    Hey ma’am… My sister is suffering from dengue and she is also 5months pregnant… Is it advisable to take juice of papaya leaf at this stage…as it is effective for rising the platelet count?

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Julia,
      Pls consult a gynecologist for help.
      do not follow any advise unless it has come from a specialized person.


  94. Uraj says:

    Hi Ma’am

    I am having fatigue and mild cold from last 3 days , doctor is suspecting it to be viral fever do i need to check for dengue .I don’t feel loss of appetite , no vomiting ,no nausea etc . How do we distinguish viral fever from dengue fever.
    Advice will be really appreciated.


  95. Roopa says:

    Hi mam..Am 29 years old female. Around 26 days back I got dengue. My platelets went to 17000 and had platelets transfusion. Later my platelets count increased to 425000. And got discharged from the hospital and I didn’t have symptoms there after and I was healthy.
    Yesterday in the morning by around 11.30AM again I got bitten by a mosquito which has having black stripes on its leg. Experienced needle prick when it bitten me and I could not stop it by biting me.
    Please let me know for secondary dengue infections how long does it take for the symptoms to appear and what would be the severity for secondary dengue infections. Kindly help me in this regard.

    And also I have still body pains and light head ache. Please suggest some good nutrition .

  96. Anita says:

    Hello Mam
    My mother is suffering from malaria. What type of food she should take.
    What will be better for her Rice or Chapati?

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Anita,
      Rice will be better digested now.
      Give her light hoem cooked food.Lots of fluids and juices (homemade)

  97. Madhusudhan says:

    Hi Madam,

    Good Morning !

    Two weeks back i suffered with Dengue, and my blood count is dropepd to 55000 , as per my doctor suggestion, i have admitted in hopaitl after that i fully recovered, and my blood plaete count increased 4.85 lakh….But still am getting slight headaches and body pains, etc. Should i take more rest or any specifice diets. Please assit me

  98. Sairam says:

    I was with headache since 5days,nd fever,loss of appetite, stomach pain,am I suffering with dengue… Plz reply

  99. Anup RoyChowdhury says:

    My wife is detected dengue. You have suggested fruit juice and fruits which we have started and we need your suggestion whether we can give her Nutralite of Amway as supplements and also Chapatti or rice with boiled vegetables.

  100. nren says:

    fever at night between 100 to 102 ,loss of appetite,less sleep n body aches .tested NS1 dengue got reactive but other antibody test like IgM and IgG antibody non reactive and fever vanishes at morning.Am I dengue infected???

  101. arvind prasad says:

    after dicharge from degue treatment can we eat eggs and chiken at home made.

  102. Saurabh Bansal says:

    Hello doctor,

    I have been suffering from fever for the 4 days. It remains between 100 and 101. For the last two days, crocin not helping at all. Fever remains the same doesn’t decrease at all. Though I haven’t had any dengue symptoms yet but will visit the doc today. Is it necessary to have high fever in dengue or can it target around 100-101 as well or may it be symptoms of some other infectious fever? Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

  103. Vinod says:

    Madam am vinod 15 days complete my dengue fever platelets 4 lacks so I eat chicken or not

  104. Vinod says:

    Mam am vinod 15 days back dengue fever today I check platelets 4 lacks…my eye little bluring feeling

  105. sandeep says:

    hai, I’m sandeep I’m suffering with dengue fever since 4 days ,fever is on and off .so pls give some diet tips can I eat rice

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Sandeep,
      YEs you can eat rice. Drink more of water and also fresh fruits. Eat home cooked food and boiled water only Less oily food and less spicy food.


  106. Vinod says:

    Mam am vinod 15 days back dengue fever now am fine but little leg pain body pain back pain and weaknesses pls suggest me…taking beer or not mam

  107. Darshan says:

    I am having dangue fever and I are chicken is it ok

  108. Neha Kava says:

    Hello StAicy,
    You can eat home cooked non veg. Avoid red meats..


  109. BHUSHAN MAMDAL says:


  110. Rajeev says:

    My son diagnosed dengue after test 1.23 laks was platelets then reduced to 1.20 laks doctor not given any medicine, he was eating well but yesterday his appetite was not good, given papaya leave juice 2 times yesterday, will that improve his condition and if you can suggest good appetizer medicine pls advise.

  111. p.c.. satisha says:

    I am sohan suffering from dengue p count 165000 I have been vomiting for several days, I can’t stop vomiting I have nausea, if I eat something again I get vomiting, I have tried many home resepice but it hasn’t helped, so pls help me stop vomiting,

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Satish,
      Vomitting are symptomatic to Dengue.. SO as your fever will subside also you vomitting. Your doctor can deal it inn best way

  112. kiran mainali says:

    Hi mam…! I’m as a dengue patient .. My platetlates count 1lakhs 43 thousands of last tests 20 February. Now I’m better fell then before. …so mam can I eat nonvage like chicken , egg, mutoon soup, ..??? Plz help me . I don’t had nonveg since before 25 days.

  113. Sangeeta Singh says:

    My son has dengue fever and since the last 3 days his blood count has dropped significantly. Also he has started having blurry vision in his right eyes that seems to be getting bad each day. The doctors have put him on cortisones. His fever is manageable but his eye is still getting worse. The eye specialist has checked him but states that his eyes are healthy but they are not sure what is happening behind his eye. His head scan showed no bleeds or stroke. What can i do to help him to recover fast.

  114. Tina says:

    My son was diagnosed with dengue 8 days back his platelets hv increased to 200000 now he was treated at home..what diet can be given now and how long should the precautions be taken

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello tina,

      Now you can give him healthy home food cooked. Include fluids, fruits, vegetables, salads, sprouts, nuts, eggs, milk to his dialy diet.


      • Muskaan says:

        My cousin daughter is suffering from dengue since five days what should be given to her for eating pls tell

        • Neha Kava says:

          Hi muskaan,

          Drink papaya leaf juice twice a day and also include fresh figs or dried figs (Anjeer) in your diet. Always consult your family physician’s advise. you can give him healthy home food cooked. Include fluids, fruits, vegetables, salads, sprouts, nuts, eggs, milk to his dialy diet.


  115. Utkalika says:

    I had dangue fever recently.2 days before I discharged from hospital.its 2nd time I suffered from dangue.please suggest me some diet tips.I am really scared …

  116. dheerendra singh says:

    hi ,doctor says i am dengue positive ,my hbb is 5.70 and platelets are 3000

  117. Uma says:

    Hi Mam. My son 15 months old got dengue fever and hospitalized for a week. Now he is fine. But he is not so strong n I have never given him any supplemental syrups for calcium or multi vitamin etc since his birth. Even I have not taken any medicines like calcium etc. I dint get much milk to feed him at that time.
    My son birth weight is 3.25kgs n now 12kgs. He is not even taking good diet at present. Just mrng cerelac/tiffins, two times rice with light curry n in nights just uggu.

    So pls
    1. suggest me some easy n best diet for my son
    2. Should I have to use any supplemental syrups for my child now at least
    3. Is this good if I use milk powder daily once or twice I.e Nan Pro stage3
    4. Any advice for me. I am feeling very weak.

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Uma,

      Kindly visit a pediatric Specialist who can write best multivitamin and calcium supplement for your child. Also give your son Cow’s milk. Give him foods which are handy and calorically densed like kheer, laddoo, home made cakes, sheera, panneer, cheese cubes etc


  118. ali says:

    My one year baby was affected by dengue nd she was hospitalized for 4 days. Now he s fine. but platelet 80.000 now. i worried to give papaya leaf is good for 1 year baby. plz give the suggestions to recover fastest

  119. jingle Soliman says:

    Hi,my platelet is 126000,is it ok if not going to the hospital,I mean not to confine. Since I’m drinking milk,plenty of water,eating banana and rice too that hoping for my fast recovery

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Jingle,

      Drink papaya leaf juice twice a day and also include fresh figs or dried figs (Anjeer) in your diet. Always consult your family physician’s advise.


  120. Saranya says:

    My one year baby was affected by dengue nd he was hospitalized for 3 days. Now he s fine. If d platelet count start increasing ‘ll it continue to increase.

  121. sweety says:

    my hubby have yesterday 1,6000 now 86000 plateless is dis good or not plss tell me

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hi Sweety,

      It is possible if he is been supplemented with platelets or the dengue fever has gone and patient is improving.


  122. sandesh badiger says:

    I had got some red spots over my hands and legs below knees so i ate tablet avil and now iam free from itching but now my knee joints are paining slightly but there is no signs of fever is it dengue?

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Sandesh,

      Knee joint pains could be there for several reasons like weakness,low calcium, Low Vit D, High body weight. Do not assume on your own. Kindly visit your MD physician.


  123. swathi says:

    my mother was dengue positive. platelets count is 99000..
    getting fever on and off. sever body pains getting very tensed…please help me about diet and medicines..

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hi Swathi,

      Kindly consult your doctor immediately and get the blood reports done as soon as possible. Dengue fever can kill the person if not admitted in hospital on time.

  124. malini says:

    My husband was dengue positive with 1,47,000 platelet count, he used to have severe headache and high fever till three days he was taking normal food and fever medicines, but on the fourth day he started vomiting, with in a day the platelet count dropped to 86,000 and I had to shift him immediately to hospital after three days it decreased initially (66,000) then it started increasing.

    treatment: Give plenty of nutrient rich fluids (Orange, papaya) pomegranate, Kiwi, Idli and papaya leaf extract 1-2 spoons morning and evening(Imp-helps to increase platelet count)

    If patients is continuously vomiting don’t take risk of treating at home even if there is no fever. This is my personal experience hope it helps

  125. Jovita Menezes says:

    Hi, my husband recently suffered from dengue fever. First of all once you get fever no matter how high please do a blood check immediately and if your blood is positive for dengue please do not panic . Have plenty of fluids like water, tender coconut, glucose water and fruits juice ( tetra packet only). Have boiled vegetables , lots of fruits like kiwi , papaya, avacado, dragon fruit these are good enough . Have papaya leaf extract juice one teaspoon early morning and evening every day not more than that. Don’t panic on the blood platlet nothin happens if it goes down , blood platelets go down even when a person gets viral fever so it’s nothin to worry jus keep a tab, admit the person if it drops below 20000. Be positive and u will be on your feet in four days. Hope this helped

  126. parmjit says:

    Hiiii my brother is sugffering from dengue…his cell count is 40,000..plz gve the sugggestions

    • ganesan jayachandran says:

      Please give him papaya leave extract without adding water, It taste the most bitterest. And you can see the cell count gaining at instance.

  127. Merlie says:

    You said plenty of fruits. Doctors says i should not give,ay daughter foods and juices with color cause it will affect her utine and stool’s color.

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Merlie,

      Natural fruits and juices will not have any side effect. Do not give her packaged foods or juices with preservatives and coloring agents added.


  128. kaveesh nabiyal says:

    My moter is suffering from high fever is it the syntom for dengue?

  129. Satish Saxena says:

    My nephew is suffering with Dengue. Suggest top diet for him to cure.

    • Neha Kava says:

      HEllo Satish,

      Give lots of fluids, fruit juices, water or liquid diet. Give juice of papaya leaves 2 times a day. Give home made food.


  130. pratap reddy says:

    dung fever attacked what should we do

  131. meena says:

    dengu diet tips

    • Neha Kava says:

      dear Meena,

      Drink plenty of fluids, juices, water. Drink papaya leaf juice twice a week. drink Glucon d water instead of plain water.


  132. PREMA says:

    Please give some ideas of food which can be given to the dengue attacked person

    • Harsha says:

      U should take only soft food.papaya leaf juice,6coconuts per day,2 papaya,apples, promogranates per day,only its better to take only idlli….
      By following this diet with medicines u can cure from dengue quickly

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