How To Get The Best Deals On Supplements?

Staying healthy isn’t all about doing workouts to stay in shape, quitting unhealthy habits, and having a balanced diet—it’s also making smart choices when it comes to purchasing gear, equipment, food, and supplements. Today we’re focusing on how to get the best deals on supplements you need to boost your immune system, gain muscle, and have a stronger, fitter, and leaner body overall.

Supplements may sound like an unnecessary expense, but the truth is our bodies rarely produce enough of the nutrients we need to achieve our fitness goals. While many of these nutrients may be obtained through the food we eat, that’s also not enough unless you eat every hour of every day, and for that you may get fat instead of fit. To help you avoid that (and spend extra on food), here are some of the best ways to get the best deals on supplements.

best deals on supplements

Look for coupons and discount codes.

Another promotional strategy you can take advantage of is coupons and vouchers that are available online. Before paying for your supplements, do a quick check online to see if there’s a coupon code you can use to cut the price of your purchases. You can also do it the other way around: check out coupon sites for great deals on the supplements you already use (or those you’ve always wanted to try) and shop from there. Sites like Total Discounts are usually loaded with voucher codes for the Protein works and My protein.

You can also get a better deal on supplements when you stack coupons. By stacking, we mean using a manufacturer’s and a retailer’s coupon at the same item so you get a bigger discount. Don’t forget to read the fine print so you have a clear idea of a coupon’s value.

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Check online listings.

The wisest course of action to get great deals on supplements is to go online and check product listings from trusted online retailers. Sellers with an online shop usually offer a wide selection of supplements, plus their products are more affordable than those found in malls or shopping complexes because they have lower operational costs and therefore don’t have the need to up their prices.

You can also check out product price comparison sites and review sites to see which retailers offer the most bang for your buck—some supplements may have a higher list price in one website than another because of a number of factors, such as market demand, distribution channels, and shipping costs.

A warning, though: beware of bogus sellers or scammers. Do a bit of digital legwork/snooping around to check a seller’s reputation and if their products are genuine and if their payment methods are secure before making a transaction. Also, don’t forget to ask about the supplements’ expiration dates and the retailer’s return policies.

how to find deals on supplements

Sign up to newsletters.

One of the marketing strategies supplement manufacturers do is to have promos or monthly specials to entice customers. If you don’t check the company’s website or social media accounts frequently, the best way for you to get firsthand information about the promos is by signing up to the newsletters the company sends out via email.

When you sign up, you also stay in the loop about new products, giveaways, as well as other relevant content the company may share, such as workout and dieting tips and how to get the most out of your supplements. Being on the email list would also give you an easy way to contact the company should you ever have a query about a particular product.

Consider package deals.

Aside from coupon sites offering discounts on supplements, there are also deal sites offering reduced rates for supplement packages. For instance, instead of getting multivitamins, creatine, amino acids, protein shake mixes, and vitamin D supplements from multiple sellers, look around for retailers selling all of those supplements as part of one package, and with free shipping to boot. Going for discount packages on supplements you regularly use would definitely give you more value for money than if you had bought them individually from different sellers.

Buy in larger sizes or in bulk.

Larger supplement boxes or tubs offer a lower cost per serving, so if you use supplements on a regular basis (or share your stash with your workout buddy), it would be a good money-saving idea to buy in larger sizes or in bulk. For instance, branch-chain amino acids, or BCAAs, are not produced naturally by the body, and that’s why BCAAs are some of the most recommended athletic supplements, and why it would be a good idea to stock up on BCAAs. Items bought in bulk would also be cheaper than if bought individually, so bulk-buy if you can.

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