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Best Health Supplement for Women

A billion dollar question, what do Women need?? While some may say love others may say attention, compliments, diamonds, blah blah…. Taking a different perspective and being a nutritionist that I am,

13 Best Pregnancy tips for normal delivery

There comes a stage in a woman’s life when she has some good news to share with family and friends. Pregnancy !!! So let’s see unknown 13 pregnancy tips for normal delivery. Yes

8 Healthy New Year Resolution: Be Healthy

Last day of 2014 and there would be a list of resolutions for the New Year 2015. So we can say that new year in way being motivation and dedication among people

Anti-Aging food & diet tips

Ageing is a natural process and healthy ageing is your choice. From your brain to bones, skin to hair; what you eat matters. Here we take a look on some age defying

Tips To Gain Weight Naturally

We normally come across people who are over weight and trying to loose some extra weight. But there are not many people who really feel the need to put on weight because

Top Five Winter Foods. Grab them now.

Winter season is the best season to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables which are loaded with vitamins and minerals. The colors of fresh foods makes you feel more fresh than ever. They

Is Weight-loss on your list?

Weight-loss will be on top list for most of the people’s new year resolution. Why is most of the population require to loose weight as comparison to people who want to gain

Diet Tips to control blood pressure/ hypertension during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is one of the beautiful phase of life. Few mothers are lucky enough to enjoy these phase of life while the unfortunate ones have many health related complications. Tips to control

You Feel Hungry Often?? Here are few tips to curb/ control your hunger.

Hungry Kyaa?? Whenever i come across people who want to loose weight, the most common problem for them is to control their hunger. Since they fail to control their hunger they do

Summer Diet Tips

REJUVENATE YOURSELF THIS SUMMER!!! Pheewwwww!!!! It’s so hot. Here come the summer. Summers are most awaited by children as they close their school and ready for vacation time. But summers can be

What are effects of drinking excessive tea/ coffee?

Hi friends today I would like to discuss a very simple topic. We all are addicted. Don’t know to what? Then answer is we all are addicted to tea or coffee. Almost

Diet and health tips to gain weight/ put on weight/ increase weight

Hello guys!!! Today we are going to discuss on Diet and health tips to gain weight/ put on weight/ increase weight. There are not many people who really feel the need to put

Problems Faced By Professionals.

When we talk about professionals or a working population we assume them to be very busy. The intensity of competition in market has forced them to go out of their way and

What are healthy options to snack in between meals? / Healthy snacking options.

Snacks are sometimes more favorite among the people. They don’t have time to eat the major meals and thereby they just hog on the snacks. So it becomes very important for the

Are pastas really healthy???

Approximately 5 years back pastas were something which was not heard by most of the people. It was not a familiar food. People who use to travel abroad and overseas were only

Benefits of folic acid in the diet and its deficiency disorders

Today we are going to learn more about Folic acid benefits and its deficiency. How it is generated? Why it is beneficial to a human diet and what are its disorders. Let’s learn


Hello everyone!!! As we all know that diet is gaining importance in everyone’s life. There are many people who are on a regular diet prescribed by a nutritionist/ Dietician and there are

Going on healthy diet – Expensive/ affordable?

Hie everyone! It’s really interesting to discuss my views on this topic. Going on diet is expensive or affordable. When we hear anyone talking about diet they majorly talk about being on

What are health hazards of Diet soda?

We are so short visioned that whenever we read Diet with any product we just trust it blindly without any research on that product. We are so busy in life that we

What diet/ food to be eaten/consumed while having diarrhea/ Loose motions?

Frequency of eating out is going on increasing day by day due to which problem of food poisoning is also increasing. When we talk about food poisoning, basic symptom is diarrhea. It