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10 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time for you and your partner. It can also be a little frightening – your body is changing and you’re responsible for another human being inside you. How can you guarantee everything goes well? Here are 10 tips for healthy pregnancy that will help you feel better. 1. Tips for Healthy… Read More »

Five Exercises that TORCH Calories

Fat loss is hard work. Fat, as you’ve no doubt discovered, is stubborn. To move it requires consistency, dedication and patience. And it takes knowledge. Though there are no shortcuts to real, permanent fat loss, it will come quicker to those with the insider knowledge to ramp up their body’s thermogenic effect. The five exercises… Read More »

Raw Vegetables Versus Cooked Vegetables

I actually wonder why is the trend of eating fresh raw vegetables have suddenly rise from? Since years and years what we practiced was to eat cooked vegetables. Then why is the question, which is better? Cooked vegetables or raw vegetables? It is just the more research and more evidence found on foods which consumed… Read More »

10 ways to use leftover Vegetables

I come from Indian family, where food wastage is one of the religious crimes. We have always been thought to serve as required. Empty plate will give you blessings and the leftover food plate will curse you. From there I got an idea to go away with the curse and thought of 10 ways to… Read More »

10 Ways to Save Your Sinuses

Many hospital visits annually can be attributed to sinus problems. In fact, the American Academy of Otolaryngology rightly informs us that every year, over 37 million Americans experience sinusitis symptoms. Things are continuing to worsen thanks to our polluted environment and air. Sinusitis thoroughly impairs daily functioning causing pain, and significant challenges with energy, mental… Read More »

What makes swimming a complete workout?

Have you ever felt the cardio workout boring? Do you find it difficult to spend time on the treadmill? Are aerobics sessions hurting your joints? If yes, then here is the most interesting form of workout that you would enjoy while exercising your body as well as heart, and that is SWIMMING! So lets see… Read More »

What North America’s Most Popular Diets Cost?

Search the term “diet plan” on Google and it will fetch more than 33 million results.  While there are not 33 million diet plans available, per se, there are quite a bit too choose from.  While one diet plan may work for someone, it could be a complete disaster for someone else, but for one… Read More »

5 Important Benefits in Grip Training

Grip Strength influences everything Your grip strength will be central to how strong your overall body is during training. This is mostly due to the fact that over half the bodies muscles are designed to either lift something of the ground or to hang on to objects. Depending on the moves involved in your training… Read More »

The Dynamics of Detoxing

The detox cleanses have become a very popular practice over the last five years. This is a method where a particular diet is used to help improve overall health and well being. It has also been claimed to help prevent illness and boost your quality of life and capabilities. Image Source: Sinart Creative Diets can… Read More »

5 Foods That Are Proven to Increase the Level of Testosterone

Testosterone is a male sexual hormone which plays a significant role in many vital functions within the human body. It is responsible for libido, strength, aggressiveness, performance, metabolism, and muscles. The individuals with high level of natural testosterone are active, and they have a much better muscle development than those guys with a lower amount… Read More »

Top 10 Benefits of Green Coffee

It was enough of green tea in the fitness industry and now we have something called green coffee. Why people are behind anything which is green? Is it because green relates to freshness, alive and energetic? I do recommend green tea during my consultation. But I am not a great fan of green tea. So… Read More »