Top 15 benefits of oat meal.

Till last decade oat meal was very rarely heard among  the Asian population. In recent few years oats have gained lots of importance due to its health benefits and its good effect on health. I would like to discuss few health benefits of oat meal which may enhance your health.

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Diet Health tips for gout patients.

Gout is a condition where the purine ( ) levels in the body increases. Purine is a type of amino acid ( p[protein) It is a painful type of arthritis. Gout is a condition which cannot be only treated with medication. Control on diet is very essential to keep yourself pain free. Diet health tips for gout patients are very beneficial because it helps them to choose correct food for them.

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Health benefits of coriander leaves.

Coriander leaves are commonly present at each home on Indian family. They use coriander for garnishing, making chutneys or in parathas. Health benefits of coriander are numerous. Its dark green color makes it more attractive and appealing to eat. Coriander has its unique taste. When we talk about coriander leaves we usually use it for making green chutney as an accompaniment for enhancing the taste of the food.

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Health Benefits & Hazards of Cottonseed Oil.

Health benefits of cotton seed oil is very less popular. There are many few people who use cottonseed oil in their kitchens. As i have discussed the characteristics of  fats in my article before Lets take a look on this oil and compare with other oils available.

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10 Health Benefits of Bell Peppers

benefit s of bell peppers

Bell peppers!!!! There are many few people who really understand the benefits of bell peppers. Those bright colors, green, yellow, red makes them so attractive that i cant withhold myself from buying them. Initially i use to hate bell peppers but now after knowing it’s benefits i have started loving them and enjoy its taste as well.

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Health Benefits of fruits & Importance of fruits

FRUITS; one of the god’s best creation. There are so many varieties of fruits available in nature with it’s unique qualities and importance. There are innumerable health benefits of fruits. Fruits are known for it”s natural and rich source of Vitamins & minerals. It is very uncommon to find any side effect of fruits except for allergies.

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Health Benefits of Mango

Here is the season of mangoes. Yummmyyyyyyy!!!!

Till now i have come across a very few countable number of people who are not mango eaters otherwise almost 95%+ population awaits for the seasonal mangoes. It is been loved for its distinct and very unique delicious flavour and scientifically for its various health benefits. This is the reason it is known as “THE KING OF FRUITS” in Asia . It is been said that if you eat good amount of seasonal mangoes, it fills your stores of vit A for almost a year.

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Difference Between Good Fats and Bad fats? Get your facts on Fats here.

fats2Hello Everyone! When we talk about fats we always get negative reviews. Fats is always thought to be a Devil. As we know that our body composite of Bones, Water, Muscles and Fats. So when we take care of the calcium to keep bones healthy, water to keep body hydrated, Protein for wear and tear of the body, equally fats are also important to keep major organ insulated from physical injury and also for bone lubrication.

I would like to highlight that always fats are not bad. But the quality and quantity of fats decides wether your fat intake is doing good for you or its harmful. I always tell my friends, family and clients that all foods which are available and edible have some or the other function in human body. But just required amount by the body has to be known. Best person to know your body is you yourself.

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Importance/ Role of Iron in the diet and its deficiency disorders

Iron is a mineral essential for life. It is present in every living cell and is necessary for the production of hemoglobin (primary component of red blood cells), myoglobin (major protein of muscle cells), and certain enzymes. About two-thirds of the bodily iron is found in hemoglobin. Other health benefits of iron are iron deficiency … Read moreImportance/ Role of Iron in the diet and its deficiency disorders

What are probiotics and prebiotics? and what are benefits of probiotics and prebiotics?

  Probiotics and prebiotics is a great treat fashion these days. Large number of food industries are spending their time and money on these probiotics and prebiotics. Both sounds similar but are very different in their action in the body. Probiotics: Probiotics in simple term are the foods which contain live culture of bacteria which are … Read moreWhat are probiotics and prebiotics? and what are benefits of probiotics and prebiotics?

Health Benefits Of Potatoes.

Hello guys!!! Today I want to talk about potatoes which are not a very unique food. Hundreds of people talk different things about potatoes. Some have views for its and some have against it. A very common phrase “Couch potato” which means, A person who spends little or no time exercising and a great deal … Read moreHealth Benefits Of Potatoes.

What are milk benefits in diet?

Milk and dairy products contain many nutrients which is enough to replace a meal. Milk is treated as one of the healthiest food for all the age groups. Milk, cheese and yogurt all provide same nutrients but in different quantities. Milk benefits can be best understood by its significance in life. As a new baby born the … Read moreWhat are milk benefits in diet?

Health benefits of kiwi in diet.

Kiwi is less popular in Asian countries. Though it’s gaining importance in recent years and spreading its health benefits among people. The availability of kiwi is only in winters. Many people do not dare to buy even 1 piece of kiwi because of its high expense. It is an expensive fruit so many of them … Read moreHealth benefits of kiwi in diet.

Health Benefits Of Indian Meal.

7As we all know that Indian food is famous for its variety and number of spices in combination used to make it unique recipes. Apart from its taste it is also includes food from all the food groups. Sometimes it is said that Indian food is rich in its carbohydrate content. But this drawback has been overcome by educating people to use all the food groups in appropriate combination which makes it healthier.

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Garlic benefits to cure many health problems.

Garlic is very famous for its unique pungent like fragrance. Some people enjoy whereas for some it’s really awful. It’s mostly associated with bad breath. But it becomes very important to move our focus towards the areas which it benefits. Consumption of garlic for a regular man is very minimum quantity. There are many few … Read moreGarlic benefits to cure many health problems.

Benefit of flaxseeds and its importance.

Flaxseeds are buzz in the country. Wherever you go people are talking about benefits of flaxseeds. These seeds are been in use since many decades for its medicinal and health purpose. Many researches have been done on the effectiveness of flaxseeds. Flaxseeds are also called as “alsi”.One hundred grams of ground flax seed supplies about … Read moreBenefit of flaxseeds and its importance.

Importance/ Benefit of eggs in diet.

  Egg is a highly nutritious food. When we talk about egg some who eat appreciates it and who don’t eat just ignores it. There are many non-vegetarians who don’t like eggs and vegetarians religiously don’t eat eggs. So the point is apart from being so nutritional why it is neglected? Whether to include egg … Read moreImportance/ Benefit of eggs in diet.