Green Paneer Tikka Recipe

Yesterday I just experimented on my favorite food paneer – Green Paneer Tikka. If you read my last article on unknown facts of super seeds, you must be aware of the immense nutrients and benefits it has. So wanted to check if I can add those super seeds to my super favorite food and make … Read moreGreen Paneer Tikka Recipe

Unknown Facts of Super Seeds

I am sure, off lately you might be hearing too much of super seeds around. Now, what are these super seeds? Is it something new produced or cultivated on our motherland?  Of course NO! All the trends what we see in the food industry are there because of the researchers which take place constantly to … Read moreUnknown Facts of Super Seeds

Raw Vegetables Versus Cooked Vegetables

I actually wonder why is the trend of eating fresh raw vegetables have suddenly rise from? Since years and years what we practiced was to eat cooked vegetables. Then why is the question, which is better? Cooked vegetables or raw vegetables? It is just the more research and more evidence found on foods which consumed … Read moreRaw Vegetables Versus Cooked Vegetables

10 ways to use leftover Vegetables

I come from Indian family, where food wastage is one of the religious crimes. We have always been thought to serve as required. Empty plate will give you blessings and the leftover food plate will curse you. From there I got an idea to go away with the curse and thought of 10 ways to … Read more10 ways to use leftover Vegetables

Understanding Dietary Requirements [Infographic]

modern eating infographic

Sometimes it can feel like a full time job staying on top of new food trends and movements. It seems like every week a new way of eating is ‘discovered’ — and it can be very easy to fall behind. For anyone catering to dietary restrictions and requirements, planning a meal for someone on a … Read moreUnderstanding Dietary Requirements [Infographic]

Natural Tonics for Glowing Skin from Within

Natural Tips for Glowing skin

Making yourself beautiful takes work – as much work as it takes an athlete to be a competitor. If Michael Phelps did nothing but eat pizza and watch TV all day, he wouldn’t be an Olympic swimmer. The same goes for models and glamorous actresses. It takes lots of effort to look your best. Makeup … Read moreNatural Tonics for Glowing Skin from Within

Top 10 Benefits of Green Coffee

It was enough of green tea in the fitness industry and now we have something called green coffee. Why people are behind anything which is green? Is it because green relates to freshness, alive and energetic?

I do recommend green tea during my consultation.

But I am not a great fan of green tea. So let’s move ahead to understand the health benefits of green coffee as the revolution.

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Vitamin D foods, deficiency, symptoms and side effects

I have been practicing Nutrition from past half a decade. In early practice Vitamin D deficiency was found in elderly people. In recent years I have seen that young girls and boys of age 23-24yrs have low levels of Vitamin D levels. It feels strange that population of such a young age is facing this issues. Due to my personal interest, I investigated in my practice and I found only two major reasons for low levels of Vitamin D. One is inadequate diet and other is negligible sun exposure.

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Benefits of drinking water in our daily life

Most of us know that water is a very important nutrient for our body. We cannot live without water for longer duration. Water works as grease for the body. Without water our body will not be able to utilize other nutrients too, majorly water soluble vitamins. So read below benefits of drinking water and importance of water in our life.

Water makes up about two thirds of who we are, and influences 100 percent of the processes in our body. It gives altogether a different feeling when you drink enough of water. Water has many many health benefits one of the most important being that it’s no calories. Water is highly beneficial and easily available yet is highly overlooked. Our body is about 60% of water.

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What will happen if you stopped eating?

Eating is important as you come into life. When in mother’s womb fetus eat via mother’s diet and then as soon as baby is born it feeds on mother’s milk.

Process of eating continues from breastfeeding to weaning diet and then regular solid foods. Why is eating so important?

Or What will happen if you stopped eating? For all these question answer is, your body will go into starvation mode. Is starvation mode really dangerous?

May be if the body is not directed in the right way. If your body goes in to starvation mode very often then your body processes change drastically and it then it allows and makes your body habituated to survive on on much less nutrition as compared to adequate nutrition.

During this process of starvation it is very important that you keep your body hydrated with the help of plenty of fluids and water.

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Top 4 Health Benefits Of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are very uncommon to Indian market though it has incredible health benefits. They are among the healthiest foods found in earth. Health Benefits of Chia seeds: They are over loaded with nutrients which work in favor of our body and brain. Chia seeds are very rich in antioxidant nan nutrients. 30gms of Chia … Read moreTop 4 Health Benefits Of Chia Seeds

4 Reasons To Have King Size Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is nothing but breaking the over night fasting period. As we always take a common advice home ” Have a king size breakfast”. Breakfast is the only meal in your diet which is consumed by an individual after a long gap of 10-12 hours. Body is fully deprived of energy and metabolism is at … Read more4 Reasons To Have King Size Healthy Breakfast

5 Healthy eating habits for kids

nutrition for kids

What are healthy eating habits for kids? A healthy kid is a healthy adult of tomorrow. When a kid is growing, parents try to give best nutrition so that kids build up strong immunity and inculcate healthy eating habits in them. Kids generally are more attracted towards packaged foods which are the most unhealthiest for … Read more5 Healthy eating habits for kids

Health benefits of Buckwheat.

Hello all,

I would like to introduce to a super food which is not on the hit list yet among the Indian population but familiar in other countries. Health benefits of Buckwheat are numerous and are proved by researches that have taken place to prove its good will. It does not belong to wheat family or does not have any connection with wheat.

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Health Benefits of Honey.

Honey, apart from it’s unique sweet flavor and taste, has many versatile properties. The floral liquid does help to cure many acute illness and problems like soar throat, throat irritation, loss of appetite, indigestion, wound healing. We will discuss health benefits of honey. Hone is known to improve taste buds and hence it is also … Read moreHealth Benefits of Honey.

Health Benefits Of Jaggery.

Hi all.
As sankrat is nearing, thought of sharing my views and knowledge on Jaggery aka as “Gud”. Jaggery is the base used to make the special Til ladoos for this festival of kites. As this festival approaches ladies are busy making til ladoos, rice puffs ladoos, etc.

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Health Benefits of Carrot Juice

Hi all,

          As the winter has set in, now is the season of fresh orange juicy carrots. Carrots are otherwise available throughout the year but carrots available in winters has its own flavor and benefits. This fibrous vegetable has many health benefits. When we talk about health benefits of carrots or carrots juice, the first thing come sin our mind is “Its good for eyes” and that’s absolutely true.

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10 Health Benefits of Brussels Sprouts


When we talk about Brussels sprout, the most immediate we relate to cabbage. They belong to same cruciferous family. They are to some extent troublesome in some individuals when consumed in uncooked manner. When cooked appropriately they seem to be very healthy. For people who love Brussels sprouts, here are few more reasons to love them even more. Health benefits of Brussels sprouts from my end will encourage you to add them in your diet and enjoy the delicacy.

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10 Health Benefits of coconutwater.

Coconut water is a very common drink. It is available almost in all the seasons. In Asian population coconut water is considered very luxurious. Most of people consume coconut water only when they are ill or when women are pregnant or sometime given to kids who are weaker comparatively. This clearly states that health benefits of coconut water are great and hence they are given when the individual is in a state where there is high requirement of nutrients.

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