5 features to consider before buying hair blow dryers

5 features to consider before buying hair blow dryers

After reading about natural ways and some home remedies which will stop hair fall, let’s read about some products which are used on regular basis that will make or break your hair.

It was olden days when blow dryers were done in salons and parlors. Now every girl will have one for herself. Where it used to be a professional electronic, now it is used as a regular thing for hair do.

Hair blow dryers are hair friendly to use provided you have the best on your shelf. There are n numbers of blow dryers available in market. But you should be really sure of what exactly you want your hair to be like. There are many low ranges and low functional blow dryers available in market which causes your hair to burn off and develop split ends.

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I have seen people using blow dry every single day. And trust me there is huge difference in the quality of hair they have after using it. It is always recommended to use a higher quality of blow dryer to protect your hair from getting brittle and fried. A good dryer will always results in stringer hair. The new range of blow dryer has innumerable features. So I would suggest that you read about all the features of the blow dryer before choosing a right and safe one for you.

There are few criteria’s which we look at before buying blow hair dryers which will help you to form a review of the product.

  1. Money: First we always try to looks out for products which have more features and functionality in fewer prices. But trust me you should always have a good range to get good product. Do not just see the price tag and decide whether to buy or now. Have a close view at the features it will give you and then make up your mind. There are few products who have value for money.
  2. Wattage: This is very important. This will tell you if you going to keep your hair healthy or will burn it off. It is recommended to have 2000 Watts and higher watts. Professionals use hair dryers of wattage more than 3600 Watts. This helps them to get their work faster and gives excellent result to your hair.
  3. Ceramic and Tourmaline: People who have ever shopped blow dryer must be familiar with these terms. It is very essential that you have these in your blow dryer. Tourmaline is a mineral that will help to smoothen your hair by coating the cuticle and retaining moisture. So in short its helps to combat frizzy hair and retain required moisture. Ceramic technology helps to control the heat of blow dryer and distributes the heat evenly. The low quality of blow dryers, those with plastic or metallic heating parts diffuses positive ions which are harmful for the hair resulting in frizzy hair.
  4. Power controls: Different powers are used for different purpose. The higher setting is used to remove 90% of the moisture from the hair and lower setting are helpful for styling the hair. So always looks for blow dryer which has multiple setting for heat as high and low ranges.
  5. Weight of the dryer: If you planning to buy dryer for regular use that you have to make sure that you buy a dryer which is lighter in weight which you can hold for longer duration without aching your hand. It will also make it easy to move your hand from one end to another.

So shopping a blow hair dryer is also not an easy job. Study all criteria and choose the right product. Al the very best!!!

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