The Best BodyWeight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises are simple ways to maintain balance, flexibility, and strength without the use of extra equipment. They are exercises that focus on the legs, arms, shoulders, abs, chest and every other part of the body that can grow strong through body resistance alone. Bodyweight training has various benefits such as it is free, it can be done anywhere without any need of extra equipment, it is versatile, it has many variations, and it improves movement, relative strength, and reactive strength.

In this article, we will look at some of the best bodyweight exercises


  • Pushups


Push-ups build up the chest, shoulders, and triceps. It is also a great stabilizer of the torso and lower back. Pushups build your core stability while pushing your muscles and condition them to endure. Push-ups can be done in many variations including basic push-ups, walkout push-ups, single arm push-ups, single raised leg push-ups, Spiderman pushups, pseudo-balance pushups and many others.


  • Squats


Squats focus on the lower parts of the body. This body section makes up the largest muscle groups, and most calories are stored in this part too. Squats build strength on the lower part of the body. it is a great exercise for burning calories in the body. there are many variations of squats; jump squats, lunges, split leg squats, overhead, pistol and prisoner squats, just to mention a few.

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  • Pull-ups


This is a great bodyweight exercise for the back. It also engages muscles on the arms as they pull the whole body weight up. It builds strength and stability for the back and the arms. Pull-ups can be modified by modifying the linear movements; side to side or leg lift, overload the movement between your feet and varying grip element. Some variations of pull-ups include,


  • Bulgarian split squats


Bulgarian split squats involve movements that build muscles, leg strength, knee stability and hip mobility. The glutes are also involved in this exercise, so it is a key to people who want to perfect their posterior. It is more universally doable for people with injury or an oddly shaped femur. Various variations of the Bulgarian split squats include; dumbbell Bulgarian split squat and gym ball Bulgarian split squat with a twist.


  • Parkour


Is an exercise that involves moving rapidly through an area while negotiating obstacles by running, jumping or climbing. Parkour body exercise is the best exercise for child natural movement training. It is also built intelligence and convictions since Parkour emphasizes awareness of the environment and circumstances around you. It builds performance under pressure and encourages perseverance. It is an exercise that is fun and playful since it encourages creativity and spontaneity. This training involves a lot of movement hence trainers are encouraged to wear their Parkour gear during training. To protect your arms, you should have the best Parkour gloves.


  • Plank


Planks are the best exercise to engage your core. It builds isometric strength to help define your waistline and improve general body posture. Planks are a type of abs rollouts that forces torso rigidity for better movement. Different types of planks include straight arm plank, forearm plank, side plank, and plank with arm or leg lift, plank jacks, and side plank crunch.

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