Health Benefits of Honey.

Honey, apart from it’s unique sweet flavor and taste, has many versatile properties. The floral liquid does help to cure many acute illness and problems like soar throat, throat irritation, loss of appetite, indigestion, wound healing. We will discuss health benefits of honey. Hone is known to improve taste buds and hence it is also … Read moreHealth Benefits of Honey.

Is Weight-loss on your list?

Weight-loss will be on top list for most of the people’s new year resolution. Why is most of the population require to loose weight as comparison to people who want to gain weight. One and the top reason is life style.

Life style is so competitive and outgoing that people can restrict themselves as well they are not interested in thinking healthy, because they feel its a waste of time.

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Health Benefits Of Jaggery.

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As sankrat is nearing, thought of sharing my views and knowledge on Jaggery aka as “Gud”. Jaggery is the base used to make the special Til ladoos for this festival of kites. As this festival approaches ladies are busy making til ladoos, rice puffs ladoos, etc.

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What is the role of Dietitians?

What do Dietitians do?
Dietitians or Nutritionists are the experts in the field of food, nutrition and dietetics.

They deal with food, their properties and their effect on each individual seperately.

Dietitians has ability to use food as medicine to treat various disorders and thereby give a heathly life.

Dietitian professionals specialize in various fields like clinical practise, weightloss, food service, research, sports, public educator, freelancer.

But, the motive is to give everyone healthy problem free life.

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How to deal with low/ high sugar problems.

When we talk about sugar it’s not only one which we add in food. Sugar is a very basic form of energy which body recognises and uses for its metabolic processes. Sugar is required for each and every cell in the body especially liver cells, brain cells and eye cells. It becomes very important to take care o the sugar levels in the body. Here we will talk how to deal with low/High sugar problems.

All the food which we eat i.e. carbs proteins and fats has ability to get converted into sugar if required by the body. Body cells utilises as required.

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Balanced Diet

“Balanced diet”. Its very simple to understand the word. But when we talk about the term among the lay men they roughly say that balance diet is to eat less and be on diet with lean figure. But it’s not the real fact.

When we talk about balanced diet it says that your diet should be balanced . Yours diet consists of 5 food groups : Cereals, pulses, Milk and dairy, Oils and Fats and meat and poultry. Cereals include Grains and whole grains; Pulses includes dals, legumes, lentils etc.; Milk and dairy includes all milk and milk products; Oils and fats includes all types of oils, ghee, butter, cheese, margarine etc; Meat and poultry includes fish, red meat, eggs etc.

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Health Benefits of Carrot Juice

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          As the winter has set in, now is the season of fresh orange juicy carrots. Carrots are otherwise available throughout the year but carrots available in winters has its own flavor and benefits. This fibrous vegetable has many health benefits. When we talk about health benefits of carrots or carrots juice, the first thing come sin our mind is “Its good for eyes” and that’s absolutely true.

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10 Health Benefits of Brussels Sprouts


When we talk about Brussels sprout, the most immediate we relate to cabbage. They belong to same cruciferous family. They are to some extent troublesome in some individuals when consumed in uncooked manner. When cooked appropriately they seem to be very healthy. For people who love Brussels sprouts, here are few more reasons to love them even more. Health benefits of Brussels sprouts from my end will encourage you to add them in your diet and enjoy the delicacy.

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10 Health Benefits of coconutwater.

Coconut water is a very common drink. It is available almost in all the seasons. In Asian population coconut water is considered very luxurious. Most of people consume coconut water only when they are ill or when women are pregnant or sometime given to kids who are weaker comparatively. This clearly states that health benefits of coconut water are great and hence they are given when the individual is in a state where there is high requirement of nutrients.

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Top 15 benefits of oat meal.

Till last decade oat meal was very rarely heard among  the Asian population. In recent few years oats have gained lots of importance due to its health benefits and its good effect on health. I would like to discuss few health benefits of oat meal which may enhance your health.

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Diet Tips for hyperthyroid patients.

Hyperthyroidism is a condition wherein the metabolic rate of the body increases. Thyroid gland becomes hyperactive due to which the ability of the body to burn the calories consumed increases and due to this the individual keeps on loosing weight. Here are few diet tips for hyperthyroid patients that can help them in various ways.

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Diet Health tips for gout patients.

Gout is a condition where the purine ( ) levels in the body increases. Purine is a type of amino acid ( p[protein) It is a painful type of arthritis. Gout is a condition which cannot be only treated with medication. Control on diet is very essential to keep yourself pain free. Diet health tips for gout patients are very beneficial because it helps them to choose correct food for them.

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Health benefits of coriander leaves.

Coriander leaves are commonly present at each home on Indian family. They use coriander for garnishing, making chutneys or in parathas. Health benefits of coriander are numerous. Its dark green color makes it more attractive and appealing to eat. Coriander has its unique taste. When we talk about coriander leaves we usually use it for making green chutney as an accompaniment for enhancing the taste of the food.

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Diet Tips to fight Malaria

As the monsoon approaches cases of patients prone to malaria increases.

When malaria is in air it becomes very important to take precautions so that you protect yourself from getting it and also your friends, families, neighbors and roommates.

Lesser the mosquitoes get in touch with the contaminated person the more it spreads. Diet tips to fight malaria can be useful.

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Health Benefits & Hazards of Cottonseed Oil.

Health benefits of cotton seed oil is very less popular. There are many few people who use cottonseed oil in their kitchens. As i have discussed the characteristics of  fats in my article before Lets take a look on this oil and compare with other oils available.

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Diet Tips to control blood pressure/ hypertension during pregnancy

You must be searching for how to control blood pressure during pregnancy or how to control hypertension during this phase?

Pregnancy is one of the beautiful phase of life. Few mothers are lucky enough to enjoy these phase of life while the unfortunate ones have many health related complications. 

Tips to control blood pressure during pregnancy has to be considered for the mothers who has seen their BP elevated during the routine check ups.

It seems to be very easy to deal with it in the initial stage but as the pregnancy progresses the complications to the mother as well as the baby increases. There are swellings, headache, dizziness, edema seen.

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Diet tips for ADHD Children

ADHD is a psychological disorder. It means Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Mainly it requires a psychological treatment to improve the condition as it’s difficult to cure completely. So i would like to suggests few diet tips for ADHD which can help them along with the behavioral therapy and occupational therapy given by the psychologists.

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10 Health Benefits of Bell Peppers

benefit s of bell peppers

Bell peppers!!!! There are many few people who really understand the benefits of bell peppers. Those bright colors, green, yellow, red makes them so attractive that i cant withhold myself from buying them. Initially i use to hate bell peppers but now after knowing it’s benefits i have started loving them and enjoy its taste as well.

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