5 Tips to treating neuropathy naturally.

5 Tips to treating neuropathy naturally.

Neuropathy is a disease that affects the peripheral nervous system. It damages the ability to sense pain as well as the ability to stretch or contract muscles. The ability to control your senses is taken away and may at times create so much pain or numbness. The types of neuropathy differ since it affects different parts of the body. It can affect the autonomic nerves found in the internal organs caused mainly by poor diet.

The most common type is the one that damages your sensory nerves and motor nerves which are responsible for your ability to sense pain, pleasure or temperature and the ability to control your muscles respectively. Neuropathy treatments differ as to the symptoms. Below are some of the ways of treating neuropathy naturally:

  • Check on your diet. What you eat greatly affects your body. Apart from stressing out the need to eat a balanced diet, it is important to add some few delicacies in your meals if you have neuropathy symptoms. These include the lavender which prevents inflammation and swelling of the nerves, soy which is a major source of vitamin B6 that reduces the pain on affected areas and broccoli which is rich in vitamin C that provides you with a strong immune system.
  • Regular exercise. Exercise is very important to a neuropathy patient. It helps to regulate the flow of blood in the body and to nourish the damaged nerves. It is advisable to exercise your body at least three times in a week. The exercise can be done by regular morning or evening jogs or walks. This also helps reduce your blood sugar level that causes diabetes.
  • Avoid alcohol. If you are a patient with neuropathy, then you should definitely avoid alcohol. If you also develop the symptoms and you are a heavy drinker then gradual reduction should be done. Alcohol weakens your nerves and if they are already damaged, then it increases the damage from toxicity. They have been reported cases of neuropathy caused by alcoholism and if this is so then you should stop drinking alcohol immediately.
  • Therapy sessions. Therapy has been used widely in medicine to treat neuropathy and also reduce the pain. Massaging the affected body parts such as the feet, the knee and wrist have been known to nourish the damaged nerves as well as relieve the pain. Advanced therapy such as acupuncture is a great way to treat neuropathy. This could be dangerous and requires a qualified acupuncturist handling the needles. The needles cause the body to produce endorphins in the affected areas that sooth the pain.
  • Soak affected parts with warm water mixed with Epsom salt. Neuropathy mostly affects the feet and the wrist or the knee causing pains or numbness. Warm water, not more than 100 degrees Celsius, helps one to relax or distract you from the pain. The Epsom salt contains magnesium which helps your muscles to relax and refresh the nerves.

It is important to remember that prevention is better than cure. You should seek medical advice from a doctor if the symptoms appear or persist. The earlier you start the treatment the better your chances of recovery before it becomes fatal.

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