4 Tips to living a healthy lifestyle while on a budget

It’s a little over a week into the new year and many have already started to work on their resolutions for the new year. Like many others, you probably resolved to make this the year that you will live a healthier lifestyle.

But a big challenge to adapting to a healthier lifestyle is the expenses you may incur while doing the change. If you’re on a tight budget, buying fresh, organic ingredients and enrolling in a gym may not be feasible.

But it is still very much possible to have a healthy lifestyle without shelling out too much money. Just check out the tips below on how you can do that.

  1.    Walk instead of using your car or taking a cab – here’s a good idea that will make you fit and save you money too. Instead of bringing your car with you to work every day, why not take advantage of public transportation. It will definitely be cheaper. Remember that owning a car brings with it lots of extra expenses for gasoline, maintenance, and insurance. You can use your city’s transportation system or if you’re up to it, why not try biking or walking to and from places instead?
  1.    Don’t enroll in a gym, but use YouTube instead – many people think that in order to exercise more, they would need to sign up for a gym membership or take classes in yoga, Zumba or the like. The truth is you do not need to spend money in order to get in shape. You can just go to YouTube and look for exercise videos that you can follow. You can now get in shape in the comforts of your own. All you need is internet connection, your laptop that is hooked on the TV and enough space to do your workout. Some would even say that you don’t need those videos but just your body weight is enough! You can look for exercises that you can do such as sit-ups and the like to help you get in shape this year.
  1.    Prepare your lunch at home – another thing that may be eating up your budget is how much you spend eating out during work days. Aside from the fact that it is definitely more expensive than just preparing your lunch at home, you are also not sure about how much calories you are ingesting, and it will defeat the purpose of you living a healthier lifestyle if you cannot watch what you eat. If you find it hard to prepare in morning, you can try doing all the preparations during the weekend and just freeze them. Just take them out when you want to bring them to work and reheat your food there.
  1.    Invest in a water pitcher so you can drink cleaner water – here’s another thing you may neglect, and that is drinking clean water. Tap water is not always healthy as it can have contaminants so why not invest in a filter water pitcher? What’s great about the water filter pitcher compared to other systems is that it is portable so you can also enjoy filtered water anywhere you go.
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