4 Reasons To Have King Size Healthy Breakfast

4 Reasons To Have King Size Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is nothing but breaking the over night fasting period. As we always take a common advice home ” Have a king size breakfast”. Breakfast is the only meal in your diet which is consumed by an individual after a long gap of 10-12 hours. Body is fully deprived of energy and metabolism is at its minimum. Providing body with a greater push of nutritious breakfast will help body re bounce with a high energy and fresh mood.

Reasons for King Size Healthy Breakfast:

Healthy Breakfast Meals
Healthy Breakfast Meals

Healthiest Fuel: Breakfast is like a very important fuel in the body. A good nutritious breakfast in the morning will keep you fresh and energetic through out the day. It’s been proved that people having breakfast are more alert and fresh through out the day; may be work place or study room. Concentration levels are high and degree of attention is optimum.

Helps Loose Weight: Eating a good amount and nutritious breakfast keeps your hunger satisfied till next major meal ( Lunch). If the individual is not habituated to consume breakfast, by the lunch time person is so depleted with the energy that they tend to over eat the portions at lunch. This further spikes the sugar levels in the body thereby gives the feeling of lethargy and sleepiness post lunch. So day started with breakfast will help to control the portion size intake at lunch time and thereby distribute calories uniformly throughout the day in all meals. Distribution of calories throughout the day is a very effective way to loose weight.

Meeting Daily Nutritional Requirements: It is seen that people who skip breakfast do not fulfill the requirements of nutrients by the body. They are deficient in one or more nutrients and feel weak, sad and irritable throughout the day. Breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day with addition of all the nutritious foods to give a kick start to the day.

To Boost Brain Cells: Your brain needs glucose to work efficiently. After going all night without food, it’s important to “feed your brain” by eating a well-balanced breakfast. This can also help you avoid that mid-morning slump, which typically happens when you skip your morning meal.

Keep in mind, however, that all breakfasts are not created equal—a healthy morning meal should be balanced and not too heavy. So, skip the eggs, breads, biscuits, and go for whole-grain cereals with fruit or juice instead. Or opt for an egg-white omelet filled with vegetables. A balanced of carbohydrates, protein and fats will do wonder.

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Neha Kava

National Registered Dietitian at NutriChoice4u.com
Neha Kava is a National Certified Registered Dietitian in India. She likes to share her knowledge about daily health, nutritition and diet tips. You can contact her on [email protected]

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6 thoughts on “4 Reasons To Have King Size Healthy Breakfast”

  1. hello mam, I am 28years old,65kg and i have 2years baby boy still breast feeding. I still have my baby bump. how do i loose my belly fat?I am really worried mam. The delivery was Cessarian.

  2. Hello DR neha,
    I suffered from gout a year ago , 6 months later I developed kidney stones

    My first question is ~ can a gout affected person has chances of developing kidney stones

    2nd question ~ I experienced severe weight loss & hair fall during gout .

    Even after recovering from gout I found very hard to regain healthy weight & hair loss factor still continues

    I never experienced this kind of weight & hair loss before

    I do follow a healthy diet consisting of nuts, fruits , vegetables , I do drink lots of fluids, even after following a healthy diet sometimes I can feel light pain in my joints

    What can be the reason ?

    • Hello Ganesh,
      Pain can be because of gout. Were you taking any medicine which would have resulted in hair loss. Very rarely Gout can result in kidney stones. Gout is a condition where the proteins in body are not digested.

  3. Hi Neha
    i have acidity problem since 2005,tried allopathic medicines a lot but not get well. is there any solution you recommend

    • Hi Gul,
      If you have chronic acidity problem, Reasons could be high fat intake ( visible or invisible ), You are not able to digest whole pulses like Rajmah, Chole, Soya beans etc, you have large meal gaps or you are highly stressed.
      So any of the above reasons will cause severe acidity. What will help you is:
      1. Limit your fat intake in vegetables. Avoid fried foods and maida products.
      2. Eat every 2-3 hrs
      3. Whole pulses moong will be best suitable.
      4. Indulge in some exercise to release some stress.


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